Melissa Esplana: Know Everything About the Wife of Dusty Baker

Melissa Esplana is the celebrity wife of Dusty Baker. Dusty Baker as the MLB manager of the Houston Astros, won the World Series at the age of 73. His family has come into the limelight ever since. But Melissa Esplana’s role in his life began when they exchanged their wedding vows in November 1994.

She has been a supportive wife and has been there through thick and thin. During the testing time, when Dusty Baker was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, she stood like a rock with him. Let’s know more about her.

Birth And Early Childhood

Her birth date is February 21, 1961. Therefore, she belongs to the Pisces family of sun signs. As of now, Melissa Esplana’s age is 60 years. Surprisingly, at the time of her birth, she had a different name. Her name at the time of her birth is Melissa Grace Esplana Fiesta. She hails from San Francisco, USA. As per the details that are available about her, she attended a local school in San Francisco itself.

She studied literature and English in her initial school days. Her spirits for education were high, and that’s why after completing her community school, Melissa Esplana enrolled herself in courses at the local university, too. However, there is no other information related to anything else related to her childhood. Also, there is unknown information about her family, parents, siblings, or relatives.

Nationality And Relationship Status

Melissa Esplana’s nationality is American, but she is a private person. She holds a different charm being a celebrity wife as she is not spotted much by the paparazzi at public events. It is not common to spot her appearing publicly or with her husband. However, there have been many discussions that allege that she is a socialite.

 But, apart from that, she like her private space. Guess that’s what being a celebrity spouse calls for, socially! She is alleged to be a homemaker only and a loving wife and mother to her husband and son. Indeed, that is reflected in her public appearances and statements, too. No details of her marriage or relationship status were available before she tied the knot with Dusty Baker.

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Marriage And Children

Melissa Esplana is the second wife of Dusty Baker. His full name is Johnnie B. Dusty Baker Jr. He was previously married to Alice Lee Washington. He has a daughter named Natosha Lichon Baker from the previous marriage. She was born on September 29, 1979. However, they both separated later. After this, he decided to remarry.

He got married to Melissa on November 27, 1994. Melissa Esplana is also known as Melissa Baker after her marriage with the World Series winner. Further, they are parents to their son, Darren Baker. Their son was born after 5 years of their marriage. Darren Baker was born on February 11, 1999.

Professional Life, Net Worth, And Other Details

The internet has many pictures of Melissa Esplana and her husband and children. Anyone can find pictures of their young and present time on various social media platforms. But, surprisingly, that’s the only way to conclude their home, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes.

Melissa Esplana is the perfect example of anyone who wishes to keep everything about their life under wraps. You can find sources to know about her marriage and early life only. Apart from that, her son’s arrival was the only thing that made the news. However, she likes to be private and likes that very less information is leaked or available to curious people.

Her profession stays hidden from the internet world; hence, no information is available related to her income or net worth. No one knows about Melissa Esplana’s career advancements apart from those known to the world through her celebrity husband connection.

However, their pictures speak much about their lavish lifestyle. Her husband’s net worth is $20 million. Before gaining the post of manager, Dusty Baker played for 19 seasons. His debut was with the Atlants Braves in 1968.

Social Connectivity

Many people find social media of celebrities to get their hands on the first information available over there. However, that’s not the case with Melissa Esplana. Anyone can try hard, but there are no social media platforms where you can find her official account or any related information. She has struck the right balance between maintaining her aura as a celebrity wife and her liking and tastes. She is away from the limelight apart from the events where she loves making appearances as Dusty Baker’s wife.

As far as her physical appearance is concerned, her public appearances suggest that she has brown hair and brown eyes.Marrying a celebrity means a high chance of your life being out and available to the public. But that’s not the case with Melissa Esplana. Her balance between things is applaudable.

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