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Qualities You Need to Be in Retail

Getting a job is of course important, but getting a job that you love is the icing on the cake. But how do you know if a company would be a good fit for you? In earlier days, this would be a cumbersome task but with the internet, this has become hugely simple.  All you need to do is go on the web and check out the company ratings and rankings. Now that you know everything about the particular company, you can easily decide whether you would want to work there or not.

If you are looking for employment in the hardware retail sector, we have an excellent company and service provider for you to check out. Before that, you should understand that retail and sales are competitive businesses with strict targets to abide by and deadlines to follow. It requires a variety of personal skills such as efficient communication, a team-playing spirit, and a management mindset. Moreover, since this is hardware retail, you need to have a bit of technical knowledge as well on hardware and digital services.

Overview of Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail

Now that you know this, let’s look at a hardware retail company that has been going strong for decades. They have built a name for themselves over the years by providing excellent service and quality products. They command admirable respect among the business community for being a company that adheres to ethics and business standards.  This company is none other than Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail. They are a powerhouse in the hardware retail business and lumber supply industry. If you are thinking of their rating, rest assured that the Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating is pretty high.

Services and Facilities of Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail

Services and Facilities of Koopman Lumber

Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail is a family-owned business based in New England, Massachusetts. They have been going strong for more than 80 years. The company was founded in 1939 and they have been catering to the needs of its community since day one. It is currently overseen and managed by the third generation of the Koopman family. Seeing that hardware retail is a strongly competitive business, it is a strong commendation that Koopman has been able to survive this long and is expanding its product lines as well. They have more than 10 locations all around Massachusetts and provide all products that you would need for your next home or business project.

Not only do they provide a huge range of products, they provide rental services as well, for hardware equipment and other machines which you would need but not want to buy. Koopman’s is a fun company to work at with a homely atmosphere and amicable environment. They provide more than 200 jobs to locals and support the local communities with essential hardware services. As you can very well understand from all this, the Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating is bound to be on the higher side of the graph.

Statistics of Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail 

Here are a few more salient details you should know about Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail. Presently, they have a round-the-hour staff count of more than 100. They are relatively small but they do well with these numbers. Their employees are 71 percent of white ethnicity, while Hispanic people take second place with 15 percent. They also have 5 percent, Asian employees. All over, it is a pretty well-balanced workplace where you can meet all sorts of people. They also recruit heavily from Worcester State University, so if that’s where you are right now, you are in luck. More than 25 percent of their employees hail from WSU.

Furthermore, the male-to-female ratio stands at around 77 to 23. On average, an employee of Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail earns around $30k annually. Even though they have a relatively small number of people working for them, the company has been able to earn $11 million in gross revenue this past year. Thus, this has helped the Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating grow significantly.

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Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating

Keeping all this in mind, you can expect that they have a good rating on the charts. Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail are in the 80th place as the best workplaces to work at in Massachusetts. This is a significant number considering the huge number of companies that are in contention all over the state. Furthermore, they have also ranked the 2nd best place to work in Whitinsville, MA. Thus, as you can see, the Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating is good and you should give it a shot when you are looking for workplaces.


Thus, if you are looking for a good workplace from where to start your career in retail, Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retail should be on your list. They have a smooth and easy-going workplace with minimal pressure which will help you blossom. Moreover, as evident from the Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating, a work experience at this company will help your prospects as well. They have several locations all around the state such as North Sharon, Uxbridge, Hudson, Milford, Fairhaven, and Andover among others, which gives you a lot of mobility when choosing your office. So, what’s there to think more about? If you are looking to work in the hardware retail sector, this is your place to be!

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