Son Of Offset And Cardi B: The Celebrity Kid Kody Cephus

Kody Cephus is the child we recognize from the videos of Offset. The little boy enjoying the beats of Offset is none other than his child. And if you still cannot recognise him, the middle Kiari may have given the hint! Till now you would have predicted who Kody Cephus’s parents are and how he became a sensation by simply being born into a celebrity family! Kody was born to Kiari Kendrell Cephus aka Offset and Oriel Jamie on March 2 2015. He is a celebrity kid and being a son of Offset and his stepmom Cardi B has put him in the spotlight and has gotten him media attention these days. The life of Kody has not been simple since the kids, owing to his family’s controversies. When you have names like Offset and Cardi B attached to you, you tend to always be on the radar of the media.  Fans are intrigued to know the life he lived amidst the constant turbulence in his family and the unwanted media attention. Apzo blog has covered everything you need to know about Kody Cephlus!

In the following article, we will open all the folded pages in the lives of this family and be specific about the life of his controversial father Offset, and his ex-wives.

Who is Kody Cephus?

Kody Cephus is the second child in Offset’s family. He looks very similar to his father and people also call him the mini Offset. Even Though when Kody was born, it was heartbreaking but Offset denied paternity. However, he took responsibility later. Now, the bonding between the father and son is cherished by the media. His mother is a famous model. Unfortunately, his parents got separated and the young lad now lives with his father and stepmom Cardi B. Kody has four other siblings from his father’s side from different stepmothers. Born in Los Angeles, California with an African American ethnicity Kody is only 7 years old and the second eldest child in the family. As far as the doubt that pertains in the mind of fans, about if Kody would carry his family lineage of music or not. We guess the seven-year-old should be left free from these judgments by the media, for the time being!

Since the kid is not old enough to handle the fame he has got because of his family. Offset has kept most of the information away from public media. 

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What Is The Educational Background Of Kody Cephus?

There is no specific information available regarding the educational background of Kody Cephus. Since he is seven we can presume that currently he would have passed kindergarten or finished homeschooling and started his studies in a primary school.

Oriel Jamie and Offset Tustle

Well, we all know that Jamie is the second wife of Offset, and before her, he also had relations with Shya L’ amour which did not last. Offset and Jamie were dating since 2013 but due to Offset’s habit of being indulged in controversies and simultaneously dating other women the two broke up. And soon after their breakup Kiari Kendrell got the news that his fiance Cardi B is pregnant. 

Following all the issues and their past relations, Oriel went mad on social media and began posting some negative stuff about Offset, and in response to it, he shared a post mentioning that it was Oriel Jamie who released Cardi B’s private images last December and tried to hack Offset’s iCloud and leak his sensitive content. He also asked some blogging channels and sites to expose her and bring her real face in front of the general public.

How Is Jordan Cephus Related To Kody Cephus?

Jordan Cephus and Kody Cephus

Jordan Cephus is the eldest son of Offset who is currently 12 years old. Kody is the younger stepbrother of Jordan. However, Jordan’s mother also had some issues related to parenting from Offset. She claimed that Offset stopped helping her to raise his son after a while. And how difficult it was for a single mother to raise a child on her own. 

Later on Jordan’s mother, Justine Watson took the matter to the legal law suite and settled it by taking joint physical custody of the child.         

Kody Cephus’s Net Worth

The child is only seven years old and he is not expected to earn money at this young age. Though he has an Instagram account run by his mother not being enough followers his account is not monetized. So keeping that aside Kody has no source of income. So, we’ll consider his parents’ income to be his net worth. And Offset’s net worth in 2022 was recorded to be near $20 Million. Also, Kody’s mother is a successful entrepreneur who owns a company that sells grooming products for women around the globe. 

So, having parents who are successful in their lives at this level then there is no need for a kid to worry about his future endeavors.

Kody Cephus Relationship Life

Kody Cephus

We made our research so far and were in a bit dilemma that how come the son of the famous American rapper Offset. Whose past has been filled with ex-wives and children can be single. For now, Kody Cephus is only seven maybe after a few years we get some new sensations and hot topics in the Cephus family.

At the time we can consider that Kody Cephus is single and he also does not possess any past relationships that should be covered.    

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Some Lesser Known Facts about Kody Cephus

  • He ranks among the most popular kids in the United States.
  • His shoe size is 12(US).
  • Cardi B is Kody Cephus’s stepmom.
  • Kody has been featured in rap videos and Instagram live sessions on his father’s account. 
  • One of the videos on Tik Tok featuring Kody Cephus went viral and has nearly 13M views. 
  • When Kody was born his father was only 17 years old and earlier in his life he also denied the fact of being a father to the child. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kody Cephus

Q. What Is The Zodiac Sign Of Kody Cephus?

Kody was born on March 2, 2015. He was born under the zodiac sign Pisces.

Q. Where Is Kody Cephus Currently Residing?

Currently, Kody is living with his mother Oriel James in Atlanta Georgia.

Q. How Many Siblings Does Kody Cephus Has?

Kody has four siblings from his father’s side.

Q. Which School Did Kody Went For His Primary Education? 

There is no information available on the internet regarding the school or any kindergarten of Kody Cephus. He may have gone to some local school nearby his house for his primary education.

Q. Does Kody Has An Active Social Media Account?

Yes, Kody Cephus has his own Instagram account run by his mother Oriel James.     

Q. What Are The Hobbies Of Kody Cephus?

Kody being seven loves to watch cartoons and rap like his father Kiari Kendrell aka Offset.

Q. Why Did Oriel And Offset Not Together Anymore?

Offset and Oriel are no more together in a relationship because of Offset’s unstable behavior and his past that how he often failed to maintain a smooth relationship. 

Q. Is There Any Nickname For Kody Cephus?

Yes, people often refer to Kody by calling him Offset’s mini-version or Offset’s mini-me. This is because the physical appearance of Kody is way too similar to Offset.   

Q. What Are The Names Of Kody Cephus Siblings?

The names of Kody Cephus siblings are Jordan, Kalea Marie Cephus, Kulture, and Wave.

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