Everything You Need To Know About League Of Legends Bruisers

The Iconic League of Legends It is well known that Bruisers are skilled at brawling and other forms of combat that take place in close quarters. They are armed with gear that enables them to survive in close quarters as well as in long-range battle while doing a significant amount of damage to their foes. As a result of the consistent amount of damage they provide, these champions have the potential to serve as DPS (Damage Per Second) for their teams.

The Juggernauts or the Divers category is where you’ll see Bruisers the most often. Although you won’t hear these statements during gameplay, they perfectly capture the approach that each Bruiser champion takes to the game. The variety of the Bruiser/Fighter class should make it clear that Mages, Assassins, and Tanks are all part of the same class. This fact should not come as a surprise.

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These champions, who are capable of both receiving and dishing damage, are frequently referred to as Tank-Bruisers. They combine the durability of tanks with the damage output of Bruisers, which enables them to perform very well in drawn-out conflicts. However, they are unable to maintain control over opponents at extended distances or approach those opponents.

On the other hand, a Juggernaut is only allowed to fight an opponent if it has successfully reached its destination.


Divers, as their name indicates, are most effective when they zero in on a specific target and attack them. These champions have abilities that enable them to close the distance and capture their victim. The majority of Divers, however, have single-target abilities, meaning they can only capture one victim at a time.

As a consequence of their mobility and damage output, these champions’ durability is inferior to that of the Juggernauts. However, when used properly, their equipment enables them to survive battles.

Abilities Effective in Dueling

As a result of their kits, Bruisers thrive at fighting opponent champions. They often have a useful sustain ability, like as healing or shields, during duels. Certain brutes are even capable of defeating many champions.

Hybrid Advantage

Given that all League of Legends Bruisers belong to other classes, they reap the benefits of these other classes. For instance, Juggernauts may do massive damage while remaining alive because of their tank trait.

Excel in Long Battles

League of Legends Bruisers excels in prolonged battles because of their consistent damage output and respectable endurance. Illaoi, Darius, Warwick, Mordekaiser, and Garen are equipped with skills that offer nourishment and keep them alive and even healthy throughout extended team battles.

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Defeat Tanks and Assassins

Bruisers have a high enough resistance to be able to survive the burst damage that Assassins provide. In addition to this, when compared to tanks in League of Legends, they have more mobility and higher damage output. They are effective against both types of champions as a result of these traits.

Weaknesses Hybrid Disadvantage

The League of Legends (LOL) Bruisers enjoy the advantages of being able to fit into multiple categories, but they also deal with the challenges that this presents. For example, the vast majority of Divers are weak and easy to kill when they are out of position or when they do not successfully complete their combos.

Weak Against Marksmen

Marksmen in League of Legends have a longer striking range than Bruisers, which gives them the ability to escape being hit by them. Because of this, they are able to kite out the vast majority of Bruiser’s champions while they are in a fight.

Weak Against Crowd Management

Crowd Control (CC) effects like as stuns, slows, and roots impede the damage output of Bruisers. In addition, given that these abilities can be performed from a distance and Bruisers are melee-focused, this is a formidable counter against them.

Bruisers Playstyles

This section will connect you to other guides that provide more information about the playstyles since Bruisers fall into two additional categories that have similarities with other champion classes. These categories and their associated champion classes are listed below.

Please refer to the League of Legends Tanks guide for information on Juggernauts. These champions explain not just their play styles, but also a variety of other vital pieces of information.


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