Know 5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

So, you have finalised the decision to move within NYC and you have selected Bed-Stuy to relocate. No wonder it is more reasonable as compared to Manhattan. Not to mention, it is not packed with people and you can easily get your work done without waiting in queues and getting stuck in traffic. Moving to Bed Stuy apartments is a smart idea. Bed-Stuy is located near Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Brownsville, Manhattan and Williamsburg, which is convenient if you need to commute for work.  

Transportation is not an issue as much public transportation is available. There are many subway trains available such as C, G, M, L S, Z and J that will help you reach the parts of the city in no time. There are buses also that will take you around the neighbourhood. Before you make the final decision to move here, uncover the reasons to shift in this neighbourhood. This blog lists the top 5 reasons why you should move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Find Out the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Uncover the top reasons why moving to Bed-Stuy is a smart decision: 

  • Culturally Diverse and Rich 

What makes Bed-Stuy so captivating and attractive to reside in is its exquisite brownstone houses. The streets are packed with trees and turn-of-the-century abodes. Even though the expenses of real estate have increased in recent times, it is still affordable to rent an apartment in Bed-Stuy. This relaxing neighbourhood will enchant you with its scarcity of elevated apartment buildings. Bed-Stuy’s is culturally diverse and rich and you can explore it by seeing museums. You will find plenty of notable churches. You can enjoy visiting museums regularly and exploring the rich neighbourhood. 

  • Enjoy Greenspace 

Not only is the precinct of Bed-Stuy an abode to amazing nightlife and the best dining, but it is also the capital of the oldest parks such as Herbert Von King Park and Fulton Park. You can enjoy green space and calmness away from the hustle of the city. Enjoy plenty of recreational activities such as walking, picnic, handball courts, baseball files and appointed barbecue stations. The parks also have an amphitheatre where you can enjoy performances and concerts. Enjoy fresh air and sunlight and have a great time with your close ones.

  • Enjoy Amazing Block Parties

Another reason why you should move to Bed-Stuy is to enjoy amazing block parties. Neighbours come together to unwind and have a good time together. Once you visit a block party, you will most likely become a regular attendee. The precinct also hosts several festivals all year round. It varies in theme and they host film fest one week, music festival the next and crafts festival the next weekend so everyone will find a festival that suits their requirements. You will get so many options that it will not be easy to select one. Bed-Stuy boasts some popular bars such as Doris, Bunton’s World Famous, Glorietta Baldy, Do or Dive, Chilo’s and more. Unwind at a late-night block party or dance with your friends. 

  • Mouthwatering Cuisine for Everyone

Along the enchanting streets of Bed-Stuy, there are tree-filled and brownstones houses, and diverse eateries with lip-smacking food from every junction of the world. Whether you are looking for Southern solace food, delectable Jamaican dishes or piping hot cuisines, Bed-Stuy has delicious cuisines for everyone. It is a melting bucket with endless options where everyone will find the scrumptious cuisine they are craving. This is another major reason for relocating to Bed-Stuy. It is impossible to name all the best eateries, however, we recommend enjoying at Nagle’s Bagels, Peaches Hothouse, Hart’s, Pilar Cuban, Ali’s Roti Shop, Bunny, Tillys and Wild Boar. bring your friends along and unwind your day at popular eateries. 

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  • Close-Knit and Welcoming Community

If you are moving to Bed-Stuy from Manhattan, then it might astonish you, but neighbours still greet you here. Everyone knows their neighbours, whether they have been around for a year or 10. People here make the effort to know their neighbourhood and you can witness people playing cards and hanging out on their doorsteps or patio. You can see people watering plants while talking with their neighbours or parents taking their kids to school. People go to Church every Sunday with their neighbours.

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Bed-Stuy is a welcoming and close-knit precinct and it has so much to provide to its residents. It is a diverse community and people from all over the world come here to live. It is a diverse, warm, welcoming and respectful community. The neighbours of Bed-Stuy make this neighbourhood what it is. It contains the vicinity of Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, and Williamsburg and you can easily reach here in just 30 minutes as it is easily accessible.

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