Kevin Samuels Biography, Net Worth, Age & Secret Facts

Kevin Samuels is a very famous American YouTuber, who is known as a social Influencer, Image advisor, and a Dating Expert. He is also praised for his  Motivational Speaks, his helping nature as Kevin helps people and small businessmen to bring their business on track.

Who is Kevin Samuels?

You must definitely have heard about the sensational YouTuber named Kevin Samuels. Kevin is an Image Consultant, Dating advisor and an Influencer. He Influences thousands of people with his advisory contents on his social media accounts. Kevin Samuels is quite popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as many encounter his contents through social media only. He has a large audience on his YouTube Channel with 1.27 Million subscribers, which features some of the most viewed videos.

Off course you can expect a diversity in audience with their various opinions on kevin’s thoughts on the topic he speaks, some people agree on what he says and some don’t which is quite natural don’t you think so? Anyway, a certain group called The Faithful Black Men Association, isn’t a follower of his messages. Two years ago kevin stormed the Internet with his controversial video “You are Average at Best” which has 2 Million plus views in date. Kevin has always been accused of making content that criticises and is controversial on Black Women, he has also made some contents publish attacking Black Men too.

Kevin says when speaking to people he tries to tell them the bitter truth of life, the reality of where they are and to achieve their goal they have to put in a lot of work to reach their destination to reach where they dream of themselves in 10 years.

Biography of Kevin Samuels  

Let’s jump a little deep into Kevin Samuels life- You might be having so many questions about him right now, What’s his Birthplace? Which year was he born? What’s his real name? Blah blah blah… So many questions but let me answer them one by one OK? Let’s begin with his name, Kevin Samuels full name is Kevin Roshan Samuels.

He was born on March 13 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is turning 57 this year (2022). Samuel did his school at Millwood High School and has completed his Graduation in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Samuel follows the Christianity religion and his zodiac sign is Pisces. Kevin Samuels gained his popularity through his YouTube journey since 2016 though his YouTube channel was in May 2015. He is a speaker who speaks on different topics whether it’s Motivational speech, dating advice or his opinion on dressing sense, brands or social issues which earned him a lot of fame.

Kevin Samuels Wikipedia and Early Life

Kevin Samuel is Not on Wikipedia Yet

Kevin Samuels early life has been a normal life, completing education and then a corporate job. He was born on March 13 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He turned 57 this year (2022). Samuel did his schooling at Millwood High School. He then joined the University in 1987 and graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1991 from the University of Oklahoma. Samuels joined a company named Office Depot from 2005 December & worked till May 2009, as a Business Development Manager. His task was to build a relationship with clients & develop a detailed understanding of their potential business needs.                                 

Kevin Samuels Age, Weight, Height and Physical Appearances

The table below give all the details of physical appearance of Kevin samuels

NameKevin Roshan Samuels
Height in meter1.88 meter
Weight in kg65 kg
Body TypeSlim
Body-colorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Height in cm188 cm
Height in feet6 feet 2 inches
Height in meter1.88 meter

Kevin Samuels Girlfriend and Siblings

The knowledge of Kevin Samuels’s siblings is not updated on any social media platforms as far. According to rumors, it is believed that Kevin’s girlfriend is a Social media model.

Kevin Samuels Wife and Childrens

As per sources, Kevin Samuels has married twice though he divorced his first wife.  There is no information about his children if he has a daughter or a son. There is no revelation of Samuels’s personal life information regarding any relationships, his children anywhere on the Internet.

Kevin Samuels Career, Lifestyle and Profession

Kevin Samuels is a very popular American YouTuber well-known for his Image Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Dating Advisory. He began his career with a job in a Depot Office Company. He then joined the media company Supermedia/Idearc Media, his role as an inside Advertising Internet sales representative, he worked there for more than two years. Samuels then worked as a media consultant for YP, The Real Yellow Pages, a Marketing and Advertising firm. In the year 2013, Kevin Samuels developed his own consulting agency that is based in Atlanta. Later, he created his YouTube channel in 2015 but gained popularity from the year 2016, when he gave Dating and relationship advice.  

Kevin Samuels’s lifestyle has been an exhilarating phase till now. He believed one’s appearance matters a lot, as your appearance tells about your identity and impresses people. He’s a stylish man who likes to wear sharp dresses. He also likes to wear expensive watches and wearing sunglasses, Kevin also owns luxurious cars & properties.  Professionally Businessman Samuels’s life has involved his career with a media and sales background. At the beginning of his career, he switched his work profiles and worked enthusiastically. 

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Kevin is $2-3 Million dollars as of last year.

FAQs of Kevin Samuels

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is an American YouTuber, who’s also an Image Influencer, Dating Expert, Lifestyle coach, and speaker. He Influences thousands of people with his advisory content on his social media accounts as he has an abundance of audience and fans. Kevin helps people and small businessmen to bring their businesses on track.

What does Kevin Samuels do for a living?

Kevin Samuel had joined Supermedia where he started working in advertising as an Internet sales Agent. With the rise in popularity of Kevin Samuels on YouTube, he now earns money via brand Endorsements and through his social media accounts. The main source of income of Kevin Samuels is as an Entrepreneur and as a  YouTuber.

How much is Kevin Samuels worth?

Estimated net worth of a YouTuber Kevin Samuels is $2 to 3 million dollars. Samuel owns some expensive properties. Kevin is the owner of some luxurious cars of the world like Rolls Royce, and Bently. Kevin has a showroom in a large area of Los Angeles. Earlier the YouTuber used to earn from his corporate job.

Is Kevin Samuels in a Relationship?

Kevin Samuels relationship status says he has married twice with two women. He divorced his first wife and then married other women. As per rumors, it is said that he’s dating some model. Well, rumor says a lot but nothing is confirmed by Kevin officially.

How tall is Kevin Samuels?

The table given below shows the height of Kevin Samuels measured in various different measurements like Centimetre, feet, and meters. Just for extra info, the height is calculated in different measurements entities.   

Who does Kevin Samuel think is a 10?

In an Interview conversation, Kevin shared that ‘Today’s women feel they are all a 10 and that’s not true because they are “levels” to the beauty standards’.

Who does Kevin Samuels date?

There is no source of information about his date.

Where is Kevin Samuel?


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