Why Is Jidion So Popular Just At The Age Of 22?

Active users of Youtube and comedy content scrollers on the same platform must be knowing our new generation, YouTuber cum Comedian, the sensational Jidion. The 22 years old, started showing up in the headlines initially for his Comedy content containing Youtube videos and later for his twitching channel and controversies associated with it, also his Clothing Brands were added to his fancy profile. He primarily focussed on flashing the very trendy “Pranks” in his Youtube videos, for example, the one which gained millions of views – “Asking complete strangers to Marry Me”. The 22 years old is active on Instagram with the Id @jidion_ with 2 Million followers and on Twitter with the Id @jidon6.


Jidion was born on December 12th, 2000 in Houston, America. His parents kept Jidion’s real Name to be Jidion Adams bearing the Zodiac Sign- Sagittarius. His parents’ whereabouts are not very well known socially to Date. The American-born, 22-year-old (As of January 2nd, 2023) resides in Houston, Texas. He did his Schooling in Houston, Texas itself, whereas he did not commence High School after his Schooling as he had other plans. Jidion started his career as a Youtuber and Social media influencer during his School days by uploading his first Youtube video in Feb 2019. Although Jidion is American but shares Mixed Ethnicity, he has a firm belief in Christianity. Jidion loves traveling in his leisure time. He has an attractive personality with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighing 84 kg, bearing big Brown Eyes and Black hair. He compliments his personality by wearing Durag on top of his Head. Jidion is currently single so this makes him even more popular among the girls apart from his fame.


Jidion gained the appropriate fame with his Nickname “Jidion” instead of his real name “Jidion Adams”, he uploaded his first video on Youtube in Feb 2019 but gained fame after his primary most viral video “Asking complete strangers to Marry me”, by the end of 2020 he gained support on his youtube with 500k subscribers followed by hitting 1 Million subscribers in August 2021, currently, he has 5.57Million subscribers on his Youtube with 423 Million total video views. Soon after setting foot in the world of Youtube with such high numbers of subscribers, he started Collabing with many other YouTubers such as “Baylen Levine”. He then started venturing into other business ideas with Jidion Real Name and partnered for the hydration drink- “Prime” co-founded by KSI and Logan Paul. Jidion also visited the UK to promote and launch of his hydrating drink. During the Lockdown period, he also made an account for Twitching which was soon banned from the website after a hate raid on “Pokimane”. Later he came up with another ID for twitching on which he had just chatted so far and gained 1.66 Million subscribers. In July 2021, he again started his third Youtube channel for shorts with his Nickname “@Jidionshorts” instead of Jidion’s Real Name. On his third Channel which comprised videos with a minute duration, he has uploaded 47 videos so far and has 91.6K Subscribers.

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The talented Jidion by the virtue of his inquisitive content did not only gain fame but also earned a suitable living. Jidion’s Net Worth is around 2.5 Million USD, and the credit to his earnings goes back to his Youtube videos and Merchandise. According to the social blades he receives around 50-60 Million views every month, which earns him around $ 110000 per month which is 1.25 Million USD. He took sponsorship of “SeatGeek” to make the very earnings via “Shopjidion.com” merchandise. He has recently made a new website – “justbeingme.co” where he has provided links to 3 products only- 2 T-shirts and 1 Hoodie, which is making an appearance to his followers as if he is set to start a new brand.


The 22 years old, Jidion Adams apart from gaining popularity, has equivalently gained the spotlight for the controversies regarding his banishment from the twitching world as it has been on reports that once he along with his fans raided the popular twitching influencer “pokimane” where he and his followers poured in such a ruckus that the influencer had to put an end to the streaming and made a request to the Twitch representatives to ban Jidion’s Twitching channel for a few days but Twitching officials permanently banned his ID from the website post investigation into the very matter. Though later Jidion contacted Pokimane and planned a meeting as a token of his Apology, which was accepted by Pokimane. The video of this event was also covered and uploaded by Jidion Adams on his channel. There was one more incident where Jidion once made his way to the Twitchcon Event in Amsterdam where he was seen throwing himself at the popular Minecraft Youtuber “Tommylnnit” after a series of trolling Dramas, the situation reportedly went so worse that the organizers had to kick him out, and later he was banned to attend the Event forever. Tommylnnit was later seen making public statements to talk to Jidion and make him delete the videos of the event which he uploaded on his channel (in support of his side of the story) that the very video was shot without Tommylnnit’s consent. 


What is Jidion’s Real Name?

Jidion’s Real Name is Jidion.

How old is Jidion?

Jidion was born on December 12th,2000 and is 22 years old( as of 2023)

What is Jidion’s Net Worth?

Jidion’s Net Worth is $2.5 Million.

Where does Jidion live?

Jidion live in Houston, Texas, America.

Who are Jidion’s Parents?

No information has yet been observed on any of the social media platforms regarding his parent’s whereabouts.

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