Jaden Newman Biography, Age, Height, Dad

Jaden Newman has become famous because of her talent in the sports realm. She is a famous YouTuber and an Instagram star based in America. It is her skills as a basketball player that turned her into a social media personality. 

Because of this, she has gained a million followers on her Instagram account. Moreover, her appearance as an attractive growing lady and fitness has much to do about her increasing followers. Furthermore, her Jaden Newman Bathing Suit has contributed as well.

When it comes to her personal life, Jaden Newman has kept a hush-hush about it. Her cute smile has kept many fans engaged. That is how we found out that she is indeed in a relationship with a famous YouTuber. Although the identity remains a secret. 

If you go through her social media accounts, you will find that she likes taking pictures. Selfies to be particular. Today, we have decided to cover every piece of information that there is about Jaden Newman. So without further ado, let us begin. 

Who Is Jaden Newman?

Jaden Newman is a professional social media star who rose to fame because of her basketball career. She belongs to a multicultural ethnicity which makes her appealing to many. 

She was born to Jamie and Vivian. Julian Newman’s Dad is Jamie Newman, and her mother is Vivian Gonzale. When it comes to having a sibling, sources have revealed that she has one elder brother. 

She has a brother, Julian Newman. Born on 13th June 2004 in Orlando, Florida. Currently, the growing lady is a basketball player, Instagram star, and an active YouTuber. 

When it comes to her education, she is very passionate. Moreover, sources close to her have revealed that she takes her education as well as her career in sports seriously. One can see her dedication through the achievements she has made so far. 

Early Life And Education Of Jaden Newman:

She was born to Jamie Newman and Vivian Gonzalez in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Because of her eclectic nature and enthusiasm for sports, she has gotten so far in the field.

Her relatives have bestowed her with the name of “Jaden”. This is the name she chooses to recognize herself. As we have already shared that Jaden Newman is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is an American, while her mother is a Mexican. 

Although if sources are to be believed, Karen holds an American nationality. Now coming to her educational background. Jaden Newman is one of the most talented, and able kids out there who keep pushing the boundaries to reach success. She is a brilliant kid. 

Moreover, she has completed her primary education at a public school. Once she graduated from elementary school, she enrolled in Downey Christian School. There she followed up to continue her further studies. 

Although, keep in mind that we do not have any information on her rankings or grades. She or anyone close to her hasn’t revealed her class rankings. 

Many noticed her because of her grasp in the field of basketball. One of them was the officials of the University of Miami. 

They recruited her for her skill, and mastery of basketball. Sources close to her have revealed that she has received a full-ride scholarship in Kentucky.  

Julian Newman is her brother. He is also a professional basketball player. Julian Newman college is Downey Christian School where he has participated in many athletic events professionally.

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Professional Career:

As we have already mentioned that Jaden Newman grew up in Orlando, Florida. Her parents pampered her along with her brother more. They both grew up in Orlando together. 

Jaden was always inclined to basketball as she witnessed her brother in all his glory. Her brother is also a basketball player. Therefore, she decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps. 

Sources have revealed that she and her brother competed in many basketball matches. Although those were friendly matches, Jaden Newman competed at an early age as well. She was only in third grade when she played professionally. 

She took her dream of Jaden Newman Basketball seriously and played with Downey Christian School’s basketball team. Jaden was just nine years old when she started playing basketball. 

She scored 14.8 points and 7.5 assists at the high school level. Both the brother and sister became famous as at an early age both have surpassed 1,000 career points.

Apart from this, Jaden Newman captured the attention of many audiences. This led her to appear on national TV shows like “The Queen Latifah Show.” 

In addition to this, the University of Miami recruited her to play in Miami’s NCAA Division 1 program at the age of nine.

Fans are expecting the basketball player to play for the University of Connecticut. She gained attention among the fans because of how she defeated basketball star Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest. 

Although it is a rumor, many believe that she has received scholarship offers from Kentucky. 

Jaden Newman Body Measurement, Height, And Weight:

As we have already shared that Jaden Newman plays basketball professionally. Hence, as a result, she has to be fit and healthy. She works out daily which has resulted in having a robust appearance. 

When it comes to Jaden Newman Height, she is only 5 ‘5 inches tall. However, Julian Newman Height is 5 ‘7 inches. She weighs around 55 kilograms. Her hip is 39, whereas her waist is 29. 

She works hard to maintain her appearance. Jaden maintains a healthy diet and works out regularly to maintain her fitness. Moreover, it goes on to show through her Instagram posts. 

Personal Life of Jaden Newman:

Jaden is one young basketball player who gives her all to her career. She works hard to succeed in the realm of basketball. From one game to another, she has managed to win most of them. 

When it comes to dating, the information about it remains unavailable. Although many have spotted her with many boys. Not only that, many have confirmed that she has dated most of them. 

Although, the identity of the boys she dated remains unknown. Jaden Newman remains silent about the guys she dates. She seems to be enjoying her relationship with them. 

Moreover, she has made any official remarks about her dating life. One can see that the growing youngster is more focused on her career than her relationship. Many applaud her decision.  

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Net Worth

Jaden Newman is a rising star who has garnered attention from all over the globe. She even defeated Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest. 

One can say that she is successful. According to online sources, the estimated net worth of the basketball player is 2 million dollars. Undoubtedly it is a considerable amount at this age. 

Social media presence:

Now coming to her social media presence. Jaden is an active Instagram user. Because of how famous she is in sports, she has amassed white a few followers on Jaden Newman’s Instagram. 

Moreover, she has up to five thousand followers on Twitter. Not to mention that she also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos actively as well. 

Her Twitter account is @Jaden_newman01. Meanwhile, her Instagram handle is @jadennewman1. On her Instagram, she has posted a Jaden Newman Bikini picture which became viral. Her alluring approach to taking the picture resulted in a fan following. 

Trivia about Jaden Newman:

  • She is the Julian Newman Sister. Her brother is also a famous basketball player. 
  • Her net worth has shown to be around $2 million.
  • Although it is a rumor, many think that she has received scholarship offers from Kentucky.
  • Do you want to know about Jaden’s career? Then look no further than checking out online websites such as “espn.com” and “247sports.com”.
  • Moreover, she has a verified Instagram account under the username @jadennewman1.


Where is the Born of Jaden Newman?

She was born in Orlando, Florida.

What is the name of Jaden Newman’s Boyfriend?

We do not know her relationship status. We believe she is single and is highly driven towards her career. 

How Old Is Jaden Newman?

Well, Jaden Newman Age, as of writing this article, is 18 years old. 

Where Is Julian Newman Now?

Currently, she has enrolled in Downey Christian school to continue her studies. Moreover, fans believe she will play for the University of Connecticut. 

How Tall Is Julian Newman?

He is five feet seven inches tall. 

Ending note:

To know more about the prodigal daughter in the basketball realm, follow her Twitter and Instagram. 

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