Use Invitation Card Maker Apps To Design Digital Invitations

Invitations are very important when it comes to organizing parties and events. Traditional parties, weddings, and other important events are incomplete without invitation cards. Invitations are undoubtedly important, but you must know that paper invitations contribute to the waste of paper. Creating paper invitation cards and sending them out to your friends and family is a big expense. This is why today you can see that the trend of digital invites is increasing every turning day.

Online invitation makers can help you create digital invites without any hassle. These online applications would provide you with readymade invitation templates for all kinds of events and parties. You have to pick the template that is best suited to your requirements and customize it with personalized information.

Today there are many uses of online invitation maker applications. Below we have listed some of the popular uses of modern-day invitation makers.

  • You can use the invitation maker app for creating anniversary invitations.
  • You can create cards for birthday parties.
  • You can create invites for New Year, Halloween, Weddings, and other informal parties.

You can create invites for different events and occasions as per your needs. There are dozens of online invitation maker apps that can help you create custom invites. In this post, we will only discuss some of the best ones.

Best invitation maker apps for designing digital invites!

Here are a few of the best invitation maker apps you can use:

1.   Invitation Card Maker

This invitation maker app is one of the most popular applications that can help you create attractive invites for all kinds of parties. You can use this invitation card maker free app to create attractive invitation cards for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, BBQs, engagements, farewells, baby showers, and other formal and informal parties. If your party or the event is nearby and you want to send invites on short notice, then the best way to quickly create invites is by using an invitation maker app. The invitation maker app offers you dozens of templates to create cards for all kinds of events and occasions. Some of the features of this invite card maker include adding high-quality images to the card, adding personalized text in your desired format and size, providing different overlays and filters for beautification!

2.   Canva

Canva is another app that provides you with different options to create digital invitation cards. You will find an entire section for making invitation cards on this application. Canva provides you with two different options for designing digital cards. You can either create a card from scratch using different design elements or create a card by using the predesigned templates. On Canva, you will find not only dozens but hundreds of different card designs that you can utilize as per your choice. Moreover, you need to make an account to enjoy its free services.

3.   Evite

This is another graphic design utility famous for creating wedding cards. If you want to create an invitation card for your wedding, this is the best option in this regard. The invite card templates offered by this app are known to be the best wedding and engagement events. Both professionals and beginners can use this application. You can create an invitation card for your event in less than minutes, even if it is your first time. You can also share the digital invite in PDF or png format via mail.

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4.   Greetings Island

If you are looking for applications with an easy-to-use interface, you should surely try this one. You can create all kinds of cards with this invitation maker. This application provides you with different design templates preloaded with relevant text to save all the effort of designing and adding text to the card. You need to add your name and other personal details, and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the best invitation maker applications you can install and use on your smartphone!

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