Emberify 5 Instagram’s SEO Tips To Boost Your Discoverability

Instagram is an incredibly robust platform for marketing in 2022. Officially Instagram has one billion active users worldwide. So, how do you make your account outshine the ocean of one billion users? The answer may be pretty surprising! It is Instagram SEO. There are a lot of users who are eagerly waiting to see your content. If you want to reach them organically, then you have to make your content be placed in the search engine results. In addition, to improve your reach, you can buy Instagram video views and understand the working of SEO.

Any business must connect with new followers. Thus, brushing up the SEO will help build your online community. So, let’s dive into the article to look at how to strategize Instagram SEO.

What Is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO means tailoring your content so that it can be easily discovered in search engines. Your account should top the list when a user searches with the relevant keywords or hashtags in the search box. Like all other online platforms, Instagram SEO cannot be cracked with an exact formula. The Instagram algorithm works in a way where it analyzes every content and finds who is interested in watching it.

Instagram SEO Ranking Factors

Instagram search always acts as a directory for discoverability, and SEO is the main element. It decides the ranking factor and suggested posts for a user. When you work next time with Instagram posts, you will know to customize your content as per the Instagram algorithm. 

Below are some of the significant Instagram SEO ranking factors, 

  • Relevance To Search Words – The Instagram algorithm will always try to equalize the contents with your searches like posts, accounts, bio, tags, places, etc., 
  • User Activity – They include all the hashtags and keywords a user used, interacted and viewed in the past. The more user interaction words, the higher the ranks on the platforms. 
  • Analytics Of Search Results – Contents that are most popular already will appear on the search results first. The popularity signals include the number of likes, clicks, shares, comments, follows, etc., 

5 Tactics To Increase Your Discoverability

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile 

When viewers first see your profile, it would be best if you included relevant keywords and hashtags on your profile. If you need to rank a particular keyword, keep it on your username or profile name. If not, you can also try to include the keywords at any link you embed on the profile. For example, if your business is associated with travel, keep connecting with ‘travel world,’ ‘travel best,’ etc. It may be your website link or any e-commerce store link. 

2. Include Correct Hashtags

Using relevant and targeted hashtags is still one of the best ways to improve your visibility. You can incorporate up to 30 hashtags for every post. It is better to use a combination of well-known and niche hashtags. Do not use overly generic hashtags too. As we already know, hashtags generate more traffic. The perfect hashtags can put you in the front row of the target audience.

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3. Add Alt Text To Instagram 

It is a text description of an image or video which makes the content accessible even to people with visual impairments. Instagram alt text helps to understand your content in a quick time better. Instagram has object recognition technology which creates an automatic description for your photos. Before you post the image, click on advanced settings; there, you see the option ‘Write Alt text’ and tap done. Even you can edit the comment as you need. 

4. Maintain The Quality Content

Instagram search results are based on the Instagram recommendation guidelines. If you violate the Instagram guidelines, then your content may be removed. Do not post sensitive or objectionable content that may make your account hard to find. If you are looking for a fabulous online presence, you can leverage Emberify and build your reputation. 

5. Consistency With Niche

The final tactic is to be consistent with Instagram SEO practices. You soon get the chance to reap better results through frequent posts with SEO optimization. In addition, with subsequent SEO improvements, you can tweak the Instagram algorithm to your side. So schedule your posts, and do not miss out on the opportunity. 


In conclusion, Instagram SEO is free of cost, a high-impact technique that no one can leave it behind. It will make a difference between a winning brand and a regular business. So try to implement the above tips and transform your Instagram presence that builds your reach effortlessly. You can also try using Emberify to acquire better engagement rates. Though it may not result in such advertising tactics, it will improve the performance on the Instagram dashboards. So start sharing your optimized posts on the gram. Happy Instagramming!

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