Ifvod Tv App: One Of The Best Apps For Chinese Users To Watch Tv And Movies

If you like to watch TV and movies on your phone, then you must hear about the IFvod TV app at least once. Launched by the Chinese company iFeng in 2014, the app has quickly become one of the most popular. It has racked up over 4 million downloads on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. But what makes the IFvod TV app so famous? Is it worth downloading? Read below to know about some features of this app.

What is IFVOD?

On Android and iOS, you can download the IFVOD app. It allows users to access various kinds of movies and TV shows. You can find English subtitles in all videos, which makes it easy for non-Chinese. The app can be used on a day-to-day or subscription basis. So if you want to watch a single movie or subscribe monthly, there is an option available. You can also download this app without Wifi.

If you want to go for paid service, pay directly from PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. You can install this application on a desktop also. Currently, there are more than 50 million registered users across all platforms (Android/iOS/PC), and over 400 million downloads. It shows how popular it is with its target audience.

How To Use The IFVOD App?

IFVOD is a great app that offers free and premium entertainment. To use IFVOD, you will need a smartphone. Before installing an app outside of China, ensure that your version is at least 2.3.

After completing the installation, you will get several options containing movies, TV shows, news programs, and even interactive games! If you ever get bored or need something new, IFVOD is a great solution because you will get something new from this app every day. 

How to Install The IFVOD Application on TV?

To install this app, you need a device that supports the IFVOD app. Once you’ve made your selection, follow these steps:

  • Download and install an APK downloader from Google Play or another source
  • Open your APK downloader
  • Search for IFVOD
  • Install IFVOD and launch this app on your mobile.
  • Have a reliable internet connection to stream content from IFVOD.

How to Start Watching On iPhone/iPad?

You can watch IFOOD on your iPhone/iPad through Airplay. Turn on your iDevice or Apple TV, select Apple TV as your screen and you will have access to IFOOD on your iPhone/iPad.

Android users should download the WeShow app from Google Play Store and search for IFOOD there. Web users should log in to their accounts on their official website, ifood.tv with PC or laptop first, then use AirPlay or WeShow app to stream content on iPhone/iPad.

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Here Are Some Features You Might Like About Ifvod:

  • You can access over 1 million free movies and dramas to watch
  • There is no need to register
  • It can be seen on several devices at once
  • Available round-the-clock. You can choose to watch films or dramas with or without subtitles
  • Free downloads and streaming, simple search, no restrictions on titles, genres, actors, etc.
  • Easy search by title, genre, actor, etc.
  • No advertisement
  • Supports multiple languages (Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, Korean)
  • Supported devices are PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android phones/tablets
  • Through the WeShow app, Windows Phone users may watch Ifvod on their phone


With a large number of movies and TV shows, Ifvod is one of the best Android apps out there. The interface and overall experience are much better than most apps in the market, which makes them very appealing to users. The app also offers categories to filter what you are looking for and make it easier to find your favourite movies or TV shows. I have personally used Ifvod as well as other streaming apps, and I think Ifvod is far superior in quality and variety than any other app in Android Market. So, if you love watching movies on your Android phone/tablet, you should download IfvodD immediately!

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