How to Style Your Diamond Jewelry

Most folks think of diamonds as jewelry for wedding parties and high-end functions only. But, there is more to diamonds. You can stylishly incorporate diamonds into your everyday casual outings.

Are you wondering where the fascination with diamonds came from? In old times, diamonds were said to possess magical properties and act as a symbol of protection. 

Diamonds held a very sacred value in the hearts of men. This value is still reflected today in the number of diamond carats produced yearly. According to studies, an estimated figure of 142 carats of diamonds were produced in 2019 alone.

With such value attached to diamonds, there is no reason why you should not rock your diamond jewelry every day. There are many fashionable ways to wear them. If you are interested in unique and fascinating jewelry, visit st martin island jewelry shops.

Here are some tips to style your diamond jewelry:

Diamond Bracelet Styles

Diamond Bracelet Styles

A diamond bracelet is a flexible piece of jewelry you attach to your wrist when you want to dress up a casual outfit. You can attach a diamond bracelet to casual outings. It can be worn stylishly with an evening gown or a jean and a nice t-shirt.

If you’re heading out with friends for an outdoor activity, you can wear a simple tennis bracelet on your wrist. You can stack it against other bracelet designs or jewelry as a unique choice. But, remember to keep things simple.

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Diamond Ring Styles

Diamond Ring Styles

A diamond ring can show off your fingers more than any other gemstone. Depending on the occasion, it can be on the index finger or any of the five fingers. Some of the most common rings are engagement rings and wedding rings for women. Studies indicate 86% of engagement rings have a piece of diamond in it. But, there is more use for your diamonds than just on your wedding day.

You can add a touch of luxury to your dressing by wearing diamond rings stacked against a gold ring and several other diamond types and cuts on the index finger, or spread across your other fingers. Your fashion ring can blend in with other diamond accessories like your earrings. It gives a fashion statement.

Diamond Earrings Styles

Diamond Earrings Styles

Diamond earrings suit the everyday fashion style. Some people stick to the rule of not putting on diamond jewelry except on special occasions. However, diamond earrings are the exception to that rule. 

Stud earrings are a part of the natural makeup for women, whether casual or on special occasions. Stud earrings for women can be casual for simple occasions. If you are attending a formal event, you can go with diamond drop earrings with a few hair strands dropping down your shoulder to give the highlight.

Aside from diamond rings, stud earrings are also a popular option with men. There is usually not a definite reason for wearing earrings. It is generally just a style preference and a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any choice of clothing you deem fit.

Diamond Necklace Styles

Diamond necklaces are very eye-catching. A necklace can be worn against a simple top or blouse. Because a diamond necklace is a piece of standout jewelry on its own. You can fit your pendant on a turtleneck, compliment it with a fine bracelet and you are good to go.

Diamond necklaces come in many types, such as:

  • Diamond choker necklace
  • Diamond cross-chain
  • Diamond dog tags
  • Diamond pendants

Diamond Chain Styles

Diamond Chain Styles

Diamond chains have become a symbol synonymous with successful music icons and Hollywood stars. Similar to pendants, a diamond chain is an ornament worn around the neck. 

This chain can be used to rock casual wear. You can style it with a v-neck top or a simple t-shirt. It can also be used to display a bit of flamboyance.

Bonus Tip: Styling Your Daily Outfits with Diamond Jewelry

A few simple daily habits to consider when styling your diamond jewelry.

Keep Your Jewelry Simple

Do not complicate your outfit by packing on too much jewelry. As a rule of thumb, simple is good enough. Your jewelry should add the final touch to your outfit in a way that complements it. Try to find a natural blend.

You can select good combinations of a simple shirt, a pendant, and a nice diamond bracelet. Let your diamonds subtly be the center of attraction.

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Select Styles With Different Ornaments

Whether your style preference is casual or formal. You can mix and match it with different ornament styles to find your best combination.

Diamond-studded wristwatches are a great luxury to have. You can style it with formal dark sleeve wear if you want to be looking something like a Bruce Wayne.

For the complete formal look, you can incorporate cufflinks into your suit. Cufflinks are a traditional addition that completes the formal look.

Dress for the Occasion

Whether formal or casual, make sure your diamond jewelry is fit for the occasion. For example, you shouldn’t wear a giant diamond pendant or long earrings to your workstation.

Formal events may require suits and cufflinks. Casual events may require you to wear a simple top and diamond bracelet. Office wear can have a bit of diamond jewelry, but not too elaborate. You want to be modest and not draw attention to yourself while at work.

Learn from Fashion Trends

There is nothing bad in imitating a few fashionistas here and there. There is always a thing or two in vogue that you can pattern your style after. You can latch onto fashion trends and copy how your favorite icons are rocking their diamond jewelry.

If you’re a fan of runway shows, you can watch how fashion models always style their diamonds, producing different jewelry combinations to match their outfits.


Diamond jewelry was not made for just one occasion, not in the 21st century. Wearing diamonds is a fit for all occasions; be it formal or casual.

Today, we can jump in on a lot of fashion trends and create our trends. Friends and family can share jewelry secrets and what style they like to rock best. It’s about feeling comfortable in your outfit and enjoying the moment.

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