How To Plan An Amazing Bachelor Party For Your Best Mate

As the best man for your best mate, one of the most important jobs you will inevitably be tasked with, as well as making sure you don’t lose the rings, is to plan a stellar bachelor party celebration.

So, if you have already started the planning process and are looking for additional information, or else have only just accepted the sentimental role and have no idea where to start, then you have come to the right place.

Here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is a guide on how to plan an amazing bachelor party for your best mate.

Start Planning Early!

Regardless of whether the soon-to-be groom wants to invite a large group of lads to his bachelor party, or else he prefers a more intimate affair with only his closest friends, either way it is absolutely vital to start planning the bachelor celebration as early as humanly possible. 

What with last minute drop-outs, people delaying payments, changes in venue or circumstances, not to mention the currently very real threat of one or more people having to stay at home due to catching coronavirus, the more organized you are the more notice you give, the more successful the event will be. 

One Big Night Out

If the bachelor party you have been tasked with organizing is just one day and night, then you have one night and one night only to plan the most amazing and intensely memorable lads’ night out. 

However, if you are thinking of organizing a whole weekend celebration, then it is strongly advisable to only plan one big night out, for example on the Saturday and then have Friday as a calmer night at the hotel or house. When planning a big night out on a bachelor weekend, it is important to remember the following:

  • Choose a town or city that has a vibrant and exciting nightlife
  • Make the night as memorable as possible by booking concert tickets for the groom’s favorite band. Just make sure you check out Box Office Ticket Sales reviews to make sure you get the best price
  • Ensure there are at least a couple of different clubs you can go to 
  • If you are a large group, you should definitely book a couple of venues ahead of time
  • Even if it is only one night it makes sense to book accommodation and travel back the next morning

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Should the Groom Be Involved?

Some grooms have a desire to be entirely involved in every step of the planning process for their own bachelor party, but others, either because they have no real preference of activities, or else because they just love a surprise, want nothing to do with it.

Even if your best friend is more of the former type of groom than the latter, it is still entertaining and depending on the surprise you choose, often hilarious, to plan a few extra little things with the rest of the boys to still catch the groom out when he least expects it.  

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