How To Land Your First Ever Job Role

Going through the routine of job hunting and getting to interview is a nerve-racking experience, even for those that have been down that road many times. So, if you are doing this for the first time, you are not alone, and it is totally natural to feel apprehensive, nervous, and even scared of the situation that you are about to face.

Job hunting

There are many different ways of going about getting a job role in your desired business sector, such as using agency services, applying to adverts in your local area either on radio, newspaper, or even word of mouth, or you can apply directly to the businesses themselves either via their websites or by phone to see if they have any job roles currently open which you could apply for.

Regardless of how you go about your approach, it is essential for your morale that you do not go for just one job. Instead, take some time to draw up a shortlist of positions that you would like to apply for, and then spend an afternoon getting yourself and your paperwork prepared before applying or speaking to everyone that you need to contact. Be sure to write notes about each conversation or each job role that you have applied for, including noting the date and any reference numbers or contact names that you have been given.

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Assembling your resume

When you are working out your resume, you will probably want to tweak it so that the edition that you are handing over to a business is specified for that job role. You will have to make sure that it looks professional and that it is easy to read at a glance. Recruiters and employers can receive hundreds of resumes for each job role that is offered, so it is, therefore, highly recommended that your resume stands out and doesn’t get lost amongst all the others.

If you have not got a clue about what a resume looks like, let alone how to lay one out so that it catches the eye, there are plenty of professional resume examples which can be downloaded so that you can find one that suits your needs the best.

Do not fear rejection

Unfortunately, with so many people going for the same job roles, there are going to be times when you are not successful in getting the desired job offer. This may be at the first hurdle, and you are unlikely to hear that you have been unsuccessful, which is why it is a good idea to make a note of the date on which you applied for the role. If you haven’t heard anything after a few weeks, you can be sure that you have not even made it to the interview stage.

If you get to the interview stage and you are still not successful, then look at it as a learning experience. When you get to the next interview, you will not be so nervous, and you have to think that if you were not right for the job role, then perhaps the company was not right for you, and it is their loss, not yours.

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