How to Help Your Parents Beat Isolation

 As our society ages, the number of people that age will only continue to increase. 

The long-term effects of isolation among the elderly, and especially elderly parents, are linked to heightened levels of depression, poor cognitive health, and increased mortality rates.

Isolation Among Aging Populations

As the number of people that age continues to increase, older people are at a greater risk of suffering from isolation than other demographics. 

Senior citizens who live alone have a mortality rate that is twice that of their cohabitating peers.

Keeping Tabs on Your Parents

If your elderly parents are living alone, they’re probably not keeping close tabs on their surroundings, where they are at all times, or when they eat. These small mistakes can lead to isolation and, in some cases, a higher risk of becoming depressed.

If you can encourage your elderly parents to get involved with their community and their group of friends, it will help them to be more connected with the outside world.

It is easier for older people not to suffer from isolation if they stay connected with their family and friends, and a great way to do this is to get them involved with community groups and activities. Care home facilities like Signature Care Homes are great for this.

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Social Media and Technology Has Changed the Way Seniors Communicate

The prominence of social media has changed the way older adults communicate and interact with their family and friends, and it allows them to stay in touch with everyone they love and stay updated on their daily lives.

Social media can be a great way for an older person to keep up to date with the outside world. However, this can also be isolating. There are many instances where older people use social media as a way to express their wrongs when they are feeling isolated.

There is no better solution than talking face-to-face, but technology has made living independently easier by organizing activities or friends who have the same interests as them.

Help Older Adults Stay Independent

Make sure your elderly parents have access to the best technologies and gadgets, like voice-activated phone systems that allow them to make and receive calls more easily. 

Although these technologies will help your parents stay independent, they can also be a major drawback. 

It is important that you keep tabs on what they are doing online and with their phones, as older people can easily get caught up in scams.

The Best Way to Help Keep Elders Inspired and Busy

If your parents are staying busy, it will make them less likely to feel isolated. 

The quality of life for an older person should always be improving, and if you find that their quality of life is declining, you should consider moving them into a care home where they can continue to age with dignity.

Another way to reduce isolation among older people is by organizing social activities for them through your local community center.

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