Are Bra Bands Meant to be Tight And How to Find The Perfect Fit?

If you wear a bra, you probably know the difficulty of finding a perfect fit. And the struggle is real for small-chested women, since most lingerie is either too tight or too loose. However, brands like Lulalu have taken the initiative to bring the best sizes and fits for small breasts. Here are a few tips to make your choices easier. 

How Tight Should Your Bra Straps Be?

The sad truth is – nearly 80% of women wear the wrong size or fit. Brasseries exist to keep the breasts from sagging. However, this does not mean holding them up tight will help reduce the sagging process. 

Your bra straps need to be adjustable and fastened according to your breast size. They must be breathable with the breast tissues being inside the cup. And the tightness of your bra should be determined according to your underbust and waist size. 

A perfect-sized bra will not hurt your upper body or leave indents on your skin. Shockingly, women face severe health issues due to wearing tight clothing. That means if you have discomfort or develop acid reflux, it’s time to change your size and fit. 

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How to Find the Right Fit?

Here are a few ways to determine the correct size of bra.

  • Measure your underbust 
  • Size up your cups
  • Check the underwire to fit the natural curve of your breasts
  • Check the strap to rest well on your shoulders
  • Make sure the center of the bra doesn’t pinch your breast bone

Finding the right fit needn’t be cumbersome, especially if you have small breasts. Many brands have started manufacturing sizes from A to AAA cups. In other words, the easiest way to know if you’re wearing the right bra is to check if there are no gaps and strap fallout.

What Could Be The Right Bra For You?

When it comes to choosing your bra, put comfort above anything else. That means the straps, cups, and center should fit equally well.  Bulging breasts or falling straps are a sign of poorly fitted bras. Additionally, choosing the bra type also depends on your usage and functionality. For example, if you’re a sportsperson, consider wearing a sports bra for firmer breasts.

The Bottom Line

Wearing a fitting bra will elevate your confidence and support your breast tissues thoroughly. Choose a bra according to your body type, keeping in mind your comfort level. Furthermore, when choosing a brand, make sure to check for high-quality fabrics and fit.

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