How To Cheer Someone Up When They Are Going Through A Tough Time

Everyone goes through rough patches in life, and when you are experiencing these challenges, it can take everything out of you. At times like these, you need support from the people you love, so offering them the same is important when they are going through a tough time. If you would like some inspiration for how you can cheer a loved one up when they need it, here are some suggestions that might be useful.

Make Time to See Them

Chatting to your loved ones on the phone or video calling them is a good way to stay in touch and check in on them, but when you are able, taking some time to see them in person can make a big difference. It’ll be a good opportunity for them to talk through what is bothering them in person, and having some company can often help to cheer people up. You could even take some time to do something fun together as a positive distraction to help take their mind off what is getting them down.

Send Them a Gift

If you are unable to see them any time soon due to distance or other commitments, another way you can help to show them you care is to send them a gift to give them a little boost. It could be a beautiful bouquet with a thoughtful note, food hampers with some tasty treats, or even booking them in for a massage to help them relax and feel pampered. Look out for places like and arrange for your loved one to go in for an appointment, as this could be a great pick-me-up that they need during stressful times.

Offer Them Some Advice

It’s important to remember that not everyone wants advice, and sometimes they just want to get things off their chest to allow them to figure out how to resolve the issue later with a clearer mind. However, you can always ask them if they would like some advice from you, and if they do, some words of wisdom can be greatly appreciated. It might help them to see the issues they are having from a different perspective, enabling them to navigate their way to a solution more effectively. It will also show them that they have your support and guidance when they are feeling lost.

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Write a Positive Letter or Leave a Voicemail

Sometimes people need to be reminded of how valued they are by others, and while this might not be a solution to the problems they are facing, it can help them to feel better about themselves and, hopefully, the strength to keep going. Writing a letter telling them why they are important to you, and even reminding them of some inside jokes you both shared or important memories you have of them, can be a wonderful way to show you care. If letter writing isn’t your style, leaving them a voicemail or voice note saying the same things is another option, and they can read/listen to it more than once when they need a boost.

If you are worried about a loved one going through a tough time and you want to try and cheer them up, consider the suggestions above and see how they could help you to achieve this.

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