How To Access A Personal Training Certification Online

A personal training certification can provide several benefits to fitness industry professionals, including more job security and an increase in income.

But if you don’t have any experience in this industry, getting certified through an online program can seem daunting and confusing, especially since so many options are available.

If you want to access a personal trainer certification online, follow these steps!

Create An Account With An Online Portal

The first step is to visit any personal training website and create an account. Type in your email address, password, and desired username, then click Create Account. Once you have an account with a personal trainer certification online company, you can log in at any time to work on your coursework.

Review the site’s information about available programs: find out what certifications are offered, which degree level each one falls under (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s), and the duration of each program.

Select the personal trainer certification online that matches your desired career path.

Once you make your selection, explore the classes that are available for enrollment. There will be many different subjects available, including Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Science, and Nutrition Science, to name a few.

These courses will be listed with their respective duration and degree level, so you know which certificate program they correspond to.

Create A Profile

Building your profile will involve more work than creating the account. You need to fill out some information about yourself and provide a photo of yourself to complete this step. If you do not want anyone to see your picture on the website, you can upload a logo or other non-personally identifiable image.

The next step is listing your personal training certifications and where they are from. Various types of personal training certifications are available, ranging from basic certification courses to professional-level certification courses like the ACSM’s Certified Health Fitness Specialist designation.

Be sure to list which type of certification(s) you have obtained so that potential clients know what their expectations should be for working with you on their fitness goals.

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Buy Training Package

You’ll then have to buy a training package per your needs. One of the packages is for beginners who want to get certified and start their fitness careers.

The other option is for those already experienced in the field and looking for certification on specific topics such as cardio, strength training, yoga, nutrition, etc.

Choose which one suits you best and click on it.

Complete The Training Course Modules

After choosing a training package of your choice; it’s now time to complete the module of that particular training course. There are five modules in total. The first four modules are completed online, while the fifth and final modules are in-person practical assessments.

Once you have completed all five modules, you will be granted a certification that can be used as proof of your training skills.

Pass The Final Assessment Test

Of course, you’ll have to pass it, but with all your preparation, it should be a piece of cake. Good luck!

Receive Certification Via Email

The certification will then be shared via email with you. It’s that easy! Once you have your certificate, you must print it out and keep it for your records.


Personal training certification is a great way to distinguish yourself as a fitness professional. These courses introduce exercise science, injury prevention, weight management, and other fundamentals of a career in the fitness industry.

 Suppose you are interested in gaining employment as a personal trainer at one of the many gyms and fitness centers around the country or abroad. In that case, a personal trainer certification is just what you need!

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