Dealing With Big Documents? How a Large Format Scanner Can Help

Even in a digital age, every company will have physical documents to deal with. Documents are digitized with a scanner. However, there are plenty of items you may want a digital copy of that don’t fit in a standard scanner, such as blueprints, maps or posters. In those instances, a large format scanner becomes a big help and can make things easier as you run your business.

Reduce Physical Storage Space

A great reason to use a large format scanner for your big documents is to cut back on space and hassle. Think about a construction crew on the site of a new build. The foreman or project manager may have many renderings and work plans drawn up that need to be referenced often, in addition to a full set of blueprints from the architect.

It might be difficult to carve out space in the job site to lay out the large papers several times a day to look at the plans. It also becomes harder to keep the documents clean. By using a scanner, you can have digital copies of everything and carry around all the information you need on a work tablet or laptop, making things easier.

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Share Large Documents Easily

Sending large documents such as posters to collaborators can be a headache. You have to specially pack the poster or banner to prevent damage and transport it to another person. You may also need to reproduce multiple copies of this large format item, costing you money and time.

An easier option is to scan the poster and send it in digital form to the people who need it. This is much faster and easier than packing up a bunch of poster-sized papers and delivering them. The person who receives the file can get a reproduction when they are ready.

A large format scanner also makes it easier for you to receive large documents. You can quickly use a speed scanner to get a copy of a paper you need and take it back to your office for further study, without taking the original from the owner.

Preserve Historical Documents

Large format scanners make excellent preservation tools. Historic records come in a lot of forms, and not all of them are 8″x10″. You may find a stash of historic newspapers or an old store ledger that you wish to have a copy of. By scanning the item, you can have a record that could last forever in the digital world.

Quality counts when dealing with such intricate documents. Use a scanner that produces more precise copies of your documents such as the new fi-8000 model so you can see every detail of the drawing or text you are trying to preserve. After all, a blurry digital copy of a historic map or blueprint won’t do you much good.

Having the ability to digitize any document no matter how big it is benefits your business by offering flexibility. If you look around your office, you’ll probably find ways to use a large format scanner right now, so make the move to get one for your company.

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