In modern times, fashion has become a dominant part of our lives. From the shoes, we wear to the accessories that accentuate our clothing and even the makeup that adorns our faces are all the result of the developments in the fashion industry.

Some people even believe that fashion is not just limited to a person’s sense of style. They believe that this concept has extended its branches to other domains as well.

For example,

  • the trend of wearing boyfriend jeans has become immensely popular;
  • then there is the vogue of using the latest slang, acronyms, like LOL and BRB, have to be used in your texts;
  • and even being constantly active on social media is considered paramount for a person’s existence.


You might thing that I have gotten a little off-track, but trust me I haven’t. I have mentioned these because majority of us indulge in these popular trends.

And why?

Because society has made its trends a standard, and someone who doesn’t follow it is considered an abomination.

That is the reason why I think the fashion industry, which doles out trends and verdicts as principles of good style, wants the rest of us to follow it. If we don’t, then we are bound to face a generous amount of criticism. And trust me this criticism is not the productive kind.

So, you tell me is this not the definition of a bully?

Think about it while I tell you the three most severe impacts of the fashion industry on the minds of the followers.

Promoting an Unhealthy Body Image

You might have known I would start with this. The fashion industry’s biggest problem is that it fervently supports and encourages the wrong kind of body image.

Being stick thin with zero amount of fat in the body along with that protruding collar bone and rib cage does not seem appealing to me, but it is what every fashion model on the face of earth looks like.

From Gigi Hadid to Naomi Campbell, every woman and man working in the fashion industry has to either be what the industry wants, or become an outsider.

  • The prime example of the stimulation of the stick thin figure is seen on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
  • For people who do not know what Victoria’s secret is, it is a high-end lingerie brand. The brand organises a fashion show every year. It is every model’s dream to be a part of the show, it is that hyped.
  • However, the models that feature in the show are too thin; the average woman does not have a body like that. The sad part is the brand is openly unwilling to accommodate the plus sized woman.

Such standards are not what the normal people like you and I can ever stand up to.

No Room for Imperfections

The fashion industry has also opposed any and all forms of imperfections. Looking at people inside the fashion industry makes the normal folk highly insecure about their looks and their body.

  • The fashion models do not have any scars or loose skin from child-birth.
  • The fashion models do not have cellulite on any inch of their body, not even the derriere.
  • The fashion models do not have uneven left and right profiles of their face, and they do not have crooked noses or teeth. I have all three, by the way.
  • The fashion models also do not and cannot eat a hearty cheese burger or even fish and chips, I had both of these last night for dinner.

My point is that the average person will have all of these and it is absolutely okay. You can weigh 80 kilograms with 5 feet 6 inches height, and it would not be the end of the world.

The fashion industry may not understand this, but I do and some sections of the industry are trying to understand it as well.

With the emergence of models and influencers like Ashley Graham and Nabela Noor, this world is starting to embrace the curvy body. However, it still has a long way to go.

Condemns What People Wear

Do you think that you have a free will?

Do you think that you can do as you please?

Do you think that you can wear anything you want and leave it at that?

The answers to all of these should be an affirmative, but in the fashion world, they are not.

Let me tell you why.

The fashion industry and everything that retails to it has a pre-conceived idea about a how a person should dress like and the way his or her makeup should like. People who do not match their idea are thus, condemned.

Have you ever seen the Oscars?

  • Just after the event takes place, there are numerous blogs and social media posts that will talk about the best and worst dressed celebrities.
  • I think almost all of the celebrities have landed on the worst dressed list at one point or the other.
  • The problem here is that the person who is in the worst dressed list for one blog is often seen in the best dressed list for the other.

Why do you think that is?

It is because the sense of style is different for us all. What seems great to me may seem like poor choice to you and vice-versa.

So, condemning people for what they wore is plain and simple unacceptable. No one should have the right to do so. It is as unethical as it is ludicrous.

Winding Up

The fashion industry is one of the most narrow-minded sectors in the world. This is one domain that does not value the individualities of people.

Even if the models give it a semblance of perfection, the rest of us cannot. Starving ourselves for lifetime to maintain the picture perfect body is not ideal and it never will be.

People need to eat properly in order to perform their work at their full potential. Without it, we might not perform our work efficiently and you must know what happens then.

Is losing your job over the petty ideals of the fashion world and having to take doorstep loans 4 unemployed worth it? These loans were invented to help people change their undesirable circumstances, not for people who willingly stepped into them.

We will always remain imperfect and rather than hiding our imperfections, we should be grateful of every one of them.

Once the spokespersons of the fashion world understand this, I am sort of sure that a change will commence for our betterment. At the end of the day, we are its target audience.

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