Hitman Holla Biography- Relationship, Career, Profession And Much More

Hitman Holla, the famous rapper who was born on 29th March, 1988 is known for his unique and amazing style of rapping. 

The rapper has been in several rap battles and has been associated with many other famous singers and Rappers. 

The real name of the famous rapper is Gerald Fulton, his songs have an energetic vibe to them. Not only this, he had released many famous albums like Control Da Room, What They On, Sucka For, and much more. 

In addition to this, we would love to share that the rapper has been in many rapping battles and has performed in Battle America, Fight Klub, and Ultimate Rap League. 

If you are a fan of Hitman Holla and want to know more about him. You have come to the right place. Just like you, we also love Hitman Holla. 

And, in this blog post, we are going to share everything you need to know about this famous rapper. So, without wasting any more time. Let’s quickly get right into it.

Personal Details Of Hitman Holla

According to our sources, the famous rapper celebrates his birthday on 29th march 1988. As of now, he is currently 34 years old. 

According to his birth month, the rapper is Aries. The rapper also holds a mixed ethnical background but his family follows Christianity

Hitman Holla belongs to St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The rapper belongs to a rich family and his family has always supported his dream. 

From his childhood, the rapper was interested in rapping. According to his family, he grew up listening to his favorite rappers and singers. 

After completing his education, he went to follow his passion. As of now, Hitman Holla is a successful and well-known rapper in the US.

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Profession Of Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla is a successful rapper, singer, TV personality, and social media influencer.

Not only this the rapper is loved by his fans all over the world. 

Relationships and Personal Life

Relationships and Personal Life

Talking about his family, Hitman Holla belongs to a joint family. The rapper’s parents are Gerald Fulton and Sue Fulton. 

As per the sources, the rapper also has a younger brother named Showout. He comes from a wealthy family, and they have supported each other through thick and thin.

We all know about his famous girlfriend named Cinnamon, who was a famous social media influencer and CEO of an eyewear brand called Cinny. 

The couple had a loving relationship and they even move in together and lived with each other for a long time. Not only this, but they also ran a Youtube channel together. 

Everything was going well until her girlfriend had a break-in accident. A few burglars broke into Hitman Holla’s house and shot Cinnamon. 

The rapper got devasted by this incident and asked his fans to pray for cinnamon. If you want you can even watch a lot of Hitman Holla and cinnamon videos online.

As of now, Hitman Holla has a son of age 17 years, his name is Geremiah Fulton and was born in March. He loves to spend quality time with his son and posts a lot of cute pictures with him on his Instagram handle.

Social Media Handles

Hitman Holla is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Career Of Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla was a sportsperson before becoming a rapper. He played numerous basketball games in high school.  

Eventually, he joined the music industry and has been doing great ever since. Hitman Holla is a great rapper and singer, his top songs are Diddy Dum Dum, Tiff, What They On, etc.

Apart from his successful music career he participated in various rap battles.

Networth and more

Hitman Holla has a net worth of around 5-6 Billion USD, last checked in 2022.

Some FAQs

Who is Hitman Holla?

He is a famous rapper and singer in the USA.

What is Hitman Holla’s age?

Hitman Holla is around 34 years old.

Is Hitman Holla married?

Hitman Holla is not married but he has a son of age 12 years old, named Geremiah Fulton.

Key points

  • He had a girlfriend named cinnamon who was shot in his house by some burglars.
  • Hitman Holla is a successful rapper, singer, TV personality, and social media influencer.
  • Hitman Holla has a net worth of around 5-6 Billion USD.
  • These are some HItamand holla’s top songs Diddy Dum Dum, Tiff, and What They On.
  • Gerald Fulton and Sue Fulton are Hitman Holla’s parents.

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