A Comprehensive Guide To Hiring Java Developers In 2022


Everybody knows about Java, whether it is a coder or otherwise; that’s just how popular this programming language is. Adopted mostly by high-traffic websites, Java powers 22.4% of the top 1,000 websites in the world, according to W3Techs. These numbers matter especially because from amongst a sea of other competent programming languages to choose from, a significant chunk of programmers and websites still prefer Java.

Programmers are able to create a wide variety of products using Java, such as cloud-, web- and mobile-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, chatbots, games, and enterprise applications, to name a few. This is only one of the reasons why companies are always in the search for Java developers capable of creating high-performance products.

Guide to Hiring Java Developers

An in-depth understanding of Java at the grassroots level is necessary for selecting the best developers from a talent pool. You need to assess candidates based on two key aspects: their skills and responsibilities. Let’s break it down.

What to Look for in Java Developers

Java is often the first programming language that developers get to learn in their professional journey. The language has a steep learning curve; you must assess your candidates for the following while you screen them for a position at your company.

  1. Proficiency in Java. Today, many versions of Java are available in the market; the language frequently gets updates and overhauls. While Java 8 was the most widely adopted version before 2020, it has since been overtaken by Java 11. Ensure that the candidate can work with the latest versions.
  2. OOP concepts. Java, being an object-oriented language, requires a clear understanding of these concepts that can be applied in practice to create a final product for the real world.
  3. Knowledge of resources. No developer can create a dynamic application without utilizing the open-source and third-party resources effectively. You candidates should know where to look for required resources and how to use them in development.
  4. Knowledge of front. Although Java is focused on the backend, the candidate you hire should have knowledge of the frontend JavaScript as well. This way, you would be saved from hiring an additional professional for designing UIs.
  5. Enterprise worker. The modern-day development ecosystem comprises strategies like Agile and Lean. Both have different speeds and standards of app development. The candidate must be familiar with such experiences.
  6. Database management. It is important for all developers to know the nitty-gritty of database management and migration. They should be able to handle working with cloud-based setups.

Roles and Responsibilities of Java Developers

You must be clear in defining whether you need a Java architect, a Java developer, a Team lead, or a professional for fulfilling some other role. In a survey conducted by JRebel, it was found that most Java professionals fulfilled the role of a Java developer (48%) followed by a Java architect (22%).

Knowledge of development alone isn’t enough – there are several roles and responsibilities a good Java developer must be capable of shouldering to be suitable for hire.

  • They should be prepared to handle everything in a development ecosystem from end to end. Visualization, conceptualization, design, development, testing, and deployment must be hardwired in a Java developer’s mind
  • Java developers are also responsible for debugging, testing, iterations, and polishing the code for a software
  • A good Java developer knows how to fulfill the role of a professional at a company by being abreast of the latest best practices, strategic development, and expediting urgent rollouts
  • It is essential for a Java developer to understand the DevOps methodology from A to Z, including working for new releases, migrations, and updates when needed
  • The right Java developer also needs to understand and inculcate company-specific culture, practices, and development protocol

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Where to Look for Java Developers?

There are many ways you can get access to qualified Java developer resumes. The four most popular methods that businesses adopt are discussed below.

Hiring Online

Many online job sites offer you an exhaustive list of professionals in any specific niche or industry. Websites like Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, etc. are filled with Java developers seeking the right job. You can tap into this resource to see if there is a profile that matches your needs.

Hiring Through Advertisement

A bit of a traditional way to go about recruitment, floating an advertisement for a job vacancy out into the market can bring you a high influx of interested candidates. You can publish advertisements in newspaper classifieds or any other print-based/online publication.

Hiring Through Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies maintain a large list of qualified, pre-screened professionals ready to be employed. You can contact these agencies with your requirements and get access to the right resumes.

Hiring Through Outsourcing Agencies

Outsourcing agencies provide your business with hired hands on a project or term basis. If you know your development project wouldn’t be a permanent thing, you can hire professionals for specific jobs or time through talent outsourcing agencies.


Hiring the right professional for your Java projects makes all the difference in the quality of the end product, resource use, development practices, and operational efficiency of the entire development team. Use the guide above to make the right choice.

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