Here Is The Classic CBD Marinara Sauce Recipe For You

CBD is often used in cooked foods these days, including sauces. Marinara is no exception. Let us know how we can use products from CBDistillery for sleep, pain relief, anxiety, etc. in it.

Making marinara at home:

Pasta and pizza are essential dishes when it comes to Italian cuisine. So, any sauces that go with it, such as marinara, are also famous. But store-bought marinara often does not cut it. The metallic tang of the can, the preservatives, etc., do not make a tasty treat. So, cooking it from scratch is the best way to go. Besides, this allows you to customize it however you wish to. Thus, adding in some cannabidiol (CBD) also becomes more accessible. 

Using CBD in dishes:

As cannabis derivatives have gained popularity in the market, they have been made available. CBD beverages, gummies, oils, balms, bath salts, etc., are all popular among users. However, CBD has been used as an ingredient in various dishes. That allows you to take your supplement for the day in a tasty way. So, you do not have to remind yourself to take it every day. 

Benefits of using CBD: 

As we mentioned in the previous section, many users have their CBD in cooked food. But why is CBD beneficial in the first place? Three such reasons are mentioned below.

1. Relieves pain:

Many people suffer from pain every day but do not know how to deal with it. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications might work for a certain period but can have adverse side effects. For some, they fail to provide any relief. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, can help soothe pains of various types. So, having CBD directly or in food is beneficial for those suffering from pain. Chronic pain, injury-related, and even cancer pain symptoms can be reduced on regular usage.

2. Keeps anxiety at bay:

Social anxiety plagues a large chunk of the population. Before nerve-wracking presentations and tests, you will find many people getting stressed. And this can often lead to breakdowns and other adverse outcomes. So, to deal with this, many people use CBD products, like pills, gummies, and oils to calm down. If one has trouble keeping food down due to stress, CBD in cooked dishes can be a great option.

3. Improves sleep quality:

Have trouble getting enough rest at night? CBD can help! Whether it is insomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness, cannabidiol can help fix your sleeping pattern. Relieving your pain and anxiety also leads to a massive improvement in sleep quality. So, having a CBD-infused meal for dinner or taking a CBD bath before sleeping can be a great idea. 

Making CBD marinara:

To make the CBD marinara sauce, you will need the best-quality ingredients. Pick each of them carefully to ensure you get the most amazing taste and health benefits. These are:

  • 1 medium-sized onion
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 pounds of Roman tomatoes or 3 pounds of canned tomato paste
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of crushed black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon of red pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon of thyme and oregano
  • 1 bay leaf
  • ½ tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 gram of CBD isolate or a full dropper of CBD tincture or oil

Once you gather all your ingredients, you can start the cooking process. The recipe for marinara preparation is surprisingly simple. Here we have mentioned the steps involved. 

1. Heat a medium-sized saucepan to medium-high.

2. Add olive oil. 

3. Put in the chopped onion and minced garlic. Sautée until they are slightly caramelized. 

4. Add the tomatoes and stir. 

5. Put in sugar, bay leaf, oregano, thyme, and red pepper flakes while stirring. 

6. Cover the saucepan with a lid and let the liquid simmer. 

7. Do the above until the sauce darkens in colour considerably, which approximately takes 20 minutes.

8. Remove the lid and season with salt and crushed black pepper. Cook for another 5 minutes. 

9. Remove from heat and let it cool. 

10. Add in the CBD oil and mix well. If you are using CBD concentrate, you can put it in any of the above steps.

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Making CBD-infused oil at home for marinara:

Aside from adding CBD directly, many users prefer CBD-infused olive or coconut oil. Since this recipe calls for olive oil, you can use its CBD-infused version to get the desired results. To make it, follow the procedure given below. 

  • Find suitable marijuana buds:

During infusion, extracted CBD will not work. So, you will need marijuana buds to do the infusion. Since marijuana contains CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), getting pure CBD oil might be difficult. So, it is necessary to find the correct strain of cannabis, which is high in CBD but low in THC content. That will allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC. 

  • Decarboxylate your buds:

Cannabis buds contain a lot of cannabinoids, which cannot be processed by our body unless decarboxylated. All you have to do is heat the buds in the oven for around half an hour. Set the temperature at 230°F and wait until the buds become light brown and crispy. 

  • Steep the buds in the oil:

The final step is, of course, to steep the decarboxylated buds in your favourite olive oil. You can use a half and half water-olive oil mix for this purpose. Add in the buds and heat it gently over low to medium-high heat. Continue heating and stirring gently until most of the water boils off. Next, cool it down and let it separate. Your CBD-infused olive oil is now ready for cooking marinara sauce!

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Marinara is a classic sauce used in pasta, pizza, and other dishes. Combining the impeccable flavour of this sauce with the goodness of CBD can elevate your experience to the next level. Utilize the above recipe to make CBD-infused marinara, and enjoy!

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