Hair Streaks are one of the best ways to add a more glamorous look to your personality. These even come in different colors and seamlessly connect with your hairstyle to get you in that desire look instantly. You can make it more dramatic with a bright color to show boldness or keep it down with more of a laid back color. And if you desire that celebrity looks then clip streaks are the on you should experiment on hair. Explore your knowledge about clip in streaks.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy these Clip in Streaks in combination with your hairs to bring that exquisite look.

  • Blue Hair Streaks
  • Thick Strawberry Blonde look
  • Blended Highlights and Lowlights
  • Multi-colored Streaks
  • Braid Streaks
  • Tiny Multi-coloured Streaks
  • Seam Green Ombre streak
  • Subtle Streaks for Blonde dimension
  • Caramel Chunky Highlights 


Blue Hair Streaks

They have the trendiest color and can offer a catchy alternative for dyeing hair. Blue hairstreaks can give you that bold appearance and might need some extra time on washing hair. Thus enhancing the color effect and stays pigmented. Dry shampoo is recommended to check with grease and enjoy this look longer. 

Thick Strawberry Blonde look

Another look that more dimension to your personality is with a thick strawberry blonde streak. You must consult with a stylist to match the right color by bringing that vibrant look for your personality. 

Blended Highlights and Lowlights

A combination of highlights and lowlights can make a more natural look. This blend adds a multi-dimensional impact on your personality. Especially this is the most suitable for regular office appearance.

Multi-colored Streaks

And if you want to try that multi-color look than multi-colored streaks is the one for you. Using oil slick streaks needs a lot of expertise and maintenance too. Using a more color protecting and leave-in conditioner is recommended to keep the appearance stay longer. 

Braid Streaks

For those who love braided streaks in their hair, you can use almost any color to get a more desired personality. Braided streaks are quite popular among the young millennials. This style can be enjoyed every day and even for a professional look. Though you can get more suggestions from stylist to enjoy they stay longer as much as possible. 

Tiny Multi-coloured Streaks

Another style that is hugely popular with the current generation is the tiny multicolored streaks. These mini streaks in full hair length add that extra factor in your appearance. Especially for your pixie cut they are one that enhances your personality with eye-catching colors. 

Seam Green Ombre streak

Also known as the Mermaid hair color streak can add that beachy curls and sea green streaks to the overall personality. Though you need to protect with all your might and get it sprayed with stylish to keep up with that shine while still enjoying the appearance. This style is the one for keeping up your personality for outsides and parties too.  

Subtle Streaks for Blonde dimension

A simple and dashing look to enjoy with subtle streaks to add more dimension to your look. You can consult with a stylist to match your personality and bring more enhancement for appearance. This style can be a regular one for your office style and enjoy an outing with friends. 

Caramel Chunky Highlights 

With a mix of light and dark browns, this caramel chunky streak can brighten up your personality. They are more suited for a more chunky highlight look with thick hairs. Stylists need to make sure to highlights are blended nicely and bring out that look to glow up the mood around. 


In this modern era streaks are an effective way to enhance your personality and enjoy those perfect looks. These come in different colors and styles to give an exotic look you always desired for. Make sure to consult with your stylist and know the best practices to enjoy these streaks in your hair stay longer.

These streaks can bring that inner confidence for your personality and inspire you in life to make something. With streaks, there are no limits to further upgrade your appearance in any particular color or even enjoy a multicolored look. You can enjoy these all styles from subtle to dramatic with these cool streaks. 

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