Habits That Are Putting Your Health At Risk

Being healthy is not easy. Whether you are concerned about physical, mental, emotional, or social health, it takes conscious decisions and sometimes hard work to maintain wellness. For a long time, personal health has been neglected in favor of running the rat race and chasing a career or financial success, much to the detriment of a person’s well-being.

Fortunately, with all that we are learning about the importance of health and how it affects the rest of our lives, it is becoming more common to prioritize physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Many of us may be stuck in certain habits that are actually putting our health at risk. These practices are important to eliminate. They can be justified by claiming that you don’t have time to focus on your health and there is too much to do. But this is a recipe for disaster, and will negatively affect many areas of your life. Here are some harmful habits that are putting your health at risk and may need to be kicked to the curb.

Ignoring Stress

Stress can be a debilitating experience, causing you to become overwhelmed and less effective in carrying out your everyday tasks and responsibilities. Some people attempt to just bear that weight, believing that you have to simply accept it and keep pushing forward. This is not a healthy mindset to have and could be severely affecting your mental and emotional state. There may also be physical side effects as well. There are lots of different ways to relax yourself when you are feeling stressed, from meditation to exercise to hobbies. If you fail to address the stress in your life, you could be suffering needless consequences mentally and physically.

Exercising Too Much

While exercise is necessary to maintain health in the body and can improve your mood, there is a limit that you should not exceed in terms of how often your work out. Our bodies can only handle so much physical stress, and overworking the various muscles, joints, and bones could cause lasting damage. Knees, hips, and elbows could prematurely experience pain if you exercise too often, resulting in limited mobility later in life. It is important to push the systems of the body to strengthen them, but overdoing it will be detrimental.

Relying On Supplements For Nutrition

Supplements are called that for a reason. They are not meant to complement a poor diet but to supplement a healthy one. If you are making poor eating choices that are not providing enough nutrients to your body, supplements will not be sufficient to make up the difference. They are a low-quality delivery system for that level of need.

However, using multivitamins and other supplements to support a balanced diet helps to promote cellular health. Just make sure that you are relying on the right food and drink choices for your nutrition first. 

Substance Abuse

Smoking, alcoholism, and other recreational substance use can be extremely damaging to your physical health. Smoking can cause severe health issues in your lungs, throat, and mouth. Excessive drinking can wear down your liver and cause dehydration and cell degradation. Some recreational drugs rewire your brain and cause devastating effects throughout the body. Plus, substance abuse is a leading cause of deteriorating relationships. For the sake of your physical, mental, and social health, cut out these practices as much as possible to ensure a longer and happier life.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A life without movement can be dangerous. Spending too much time sitting at a desk or on the couch is bad for muscle development and could lead to significant pains in your bone structure. Plus, an inactive lifestyle means that your heart and the cardiovascular system could be weak and unable to handle certain conditions.

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Also, people who lead sedentary lifestyles often spend a lot of time looking at screens. Prolonged exposure to blue light is horrible for your eyes, so you could experience deteriorating vision with these habits. If you do work on a computer all day, try to take frequent breaks and purchase some blue light lenses to protect your eyes from too much damage while you work.

Forming New Habits

Even though some of these habits could be how you’ve done things for years, it is not too late to break them. Forming new habits may take some time, but there are many ways to motivate yourself to move toward better wellness. Consider finding a group or a friend that has similar goals in mind. Together, you can encourage each other and stay accountable, as well as celebrate milestones. By cutting out these habits, you are investing in your long-term health and taking the first step toward improved well-being.

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