Buying Guide On Commercial Led Strip Lights

LED lights can last up to 25,000 hours and can be up to seven times more effective than traditional light sources. This is so that incandescent light bulbs can gradually be replaced globally by LED lights, which are more effective at converting electricity into light.

Decide whether to use RGB or just white LEDs

There are numerous varieties of LED strips available. Due to their ability to produce a wide spectrum of colors, including red, green, blue, purple, orange, cyan, and white, RGB LED strips are popular among homeowners. You will also receive a remote when purchasing LED strips, allowing you to adjust the colors remotely.

Installing commercial-led strip lights someplace on your deck will allow you to create mood lighting that will enhance the ambiance during the nights. Depending on your preferences, the remote that comes with the product will also let you select between several settings like “Fade” or “Strobe.”

If you like, you can instead use simple white LED strips. These are available in a variety of shades, including warm white, neutral white, and cold white. Normal white temperatures range from 3000 K for warm, 4000 K for neutral, and 6000 K for chilly.

The LED Density per Band

The prices are set in accordance with which bands have more LEDs and which bands have fewer LEDs.

Choose an LED strip from Lepro with 18 LEDs per foot for brighter, higher-quality color rendering. Choose a strip with 9 LEDs per foot if you want something less bright.

Remember that your strip is “cuttable,” which means you may cut it at various intervals to make it fit properly in the desired area, such as beneath the coffee table or under the outdoor stair rails. It is advised to use an LED strip with more LEDs per foot if you intend to place it outdoors so that it is more effective at illuminating the area.

Take the Reel’s Length into Account

LED strips can come in a variety of lengths. For instance, entire reels, which have a length of 16.4 feet, are some of the longest strips you can find. You might see strips measuring 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, or 12 feet because other bands are cut in lengths of 3 feet.

Determine whether you require waterproof LED bands.

LED strips can be installed indoors as well, and in this situation, an IP65 grade may not be required. However, it’s advised to use an LED strip with an IP65 certification or above if you want to install one in your yard, particularly around your barbeque deck. Your investment will be safeguarded and your LED strip won’t be impacted by rain, snow, or other weather conditions by doing this.

 Verify Your LED Strip’s Voltage

Most LED strips are available in either 12V or 24V standard voltages. Based on where you plan to install it, you can choose the sort of band you require.

For instance, you might want to choose a 12V LED strip if you want to install one in your camper van. This is so that your LED strip will work with the majority of 12V power outlets found in recreational vehicles. A 24V one can be installed either indoors or outdoors without any issues.

 Verify The LED Strip’s Brightness

As was already indicated, choosing an LED strip with more LEDs per foot will likely result in a brighter LED strip. However, certain LEDs are more potent than others, so it’s important to understand more about how bright they are.

Lumens are used to measure the brightness of white LED strips, for instance. Your LED strip will be brighter the more there are. The brightness of RGB strips is expressed in millicandela.

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A candela is 1,000 times brighter than a millicandela. The universally accepted brightness measurement unit is the candela. Your RGB LED strip will be extremely bright and simple to see if it has a lot of millicandelas (like 2,000 or more).

Think About Purchasing Additional Accessories

You can purchase a variety of accessories for your LED strip, including extra adhesive tape and possibly an LED amplifier. However, mounting clips are among the most crucial ones.

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