Top Games For Apple iPads in 2021

Top Games for Apple iPads in 2021. Which best Apple iPads games are best for you? What do you think? Here are the top five Apple iPhone games.

One of the most striking features of the Apple iPhone is the beautiful 16:9 widescreen display. This makes the screen twice the size of a typical iPhone display, and this makes for a much more pleasant gaming experience. Here is our guide to the top five Apple iPhone games for you to try.

Real Racing 3

(Download for iOS from $9.99)

Real Racing 3 is one of the most technically impressive and best looking iPhone games on the market. It features a stylized representation of the racetracks, which helps to immerse you in the racing action. There is also no the disappointment of pixelated graphics, which may otherwise be the case with an iOS game. There are six different cars to choose from. All feature exclusive crash animations and both night and day lighting. You can play online game but you need to good broadband internet device for playing games.

Mario Kart 8

(Download for iOS from $9.99)

Mario Kart 8 is still the king of iOS racing games. There are huge attention to detail, and the graphics are just amazing. There are more than 40 original songs in the game. In fact, the whole game sounds like a Nintendo commercial. The core gameplay involves swiping to make turns and steering to avoid contact with other racers. It’s a simple formula, but one that works extremely well.

Angry Birds Space

(Download for iOS from $4.99)

Angry Birds is one of the best game franchises in the world. It’s a simple physics-based puzzle game. After building a bird ship, you fly it towards an opponent’s bird and try to knock it into a pig’s mouth. The pigs are huge and incredibly tough, but in order to overcome this, you need to be quick and maneuver your bird in the right direction. You are awarded points based on how far you manage to knock the pigs into the flames.

Pac-Man 256

(Download for iOS from $3.99)

Pac-Man 256 features four classic arcade games at once. For those who prefer a challenge, there are a total of 96 levels. Each level is made up of a series of maze rooms which must be navigated. Each of these rooms contain various obstacles. For example, at one point you are given the task of having to turn off a spinning lightbulb by correctly selecting the colour it turns on in a limited time.

Paper Tailors

(Download for iOS from $2.99)

Paper Tailors features a simple gameplay which relies on the player to design their own clothes and then try them on before purchasing and trying on the clothes of other players. Each design is shared with the entire community so everyone can see how well they fit. This game is free to play, but offers the ability to buy additional clothes in the “Groups” section.

So there you have it. Which games are your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.

Curve Studios is an award-winning game developer, and it focuses on bringing games to iOS, Android and Facebook.

BugZilla is a completely free iOS game featuring an intelligent 3D arachnid and a huggable and adorable baby spider.

Hippy Tricks is an iOS game which challenges the player to solve various puzzles and challenges within an abstract environment.

Crusader Kings 2 is an ambitious title in the epic history of the Crusader Kings.

Palm Springs Solitaire is a casual solitaire game designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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