Four Jobs That Are Damaging Your Health

Careers can have repercussions on your health. Not every profession is alike. Some jobs have a higher chance of you suffering from an occupational injury. 

These may include chemical burns, spinal injuries, and mental stress. When you constantly have to face workplace challenges, it shapes you into a different person. You may become far too irritable, get sick frequently and choose social isolation. 

Consequently, you become a shell of a person and have more bad days than good ones coupled with more hospital visits.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that over 2 million men and women worldwide suffer from work-related diseases and accidents every year. 

This can easily translate into death or permanent disabilities. You may know of these professions, and while there is underlying risk in participating in them on the surface level. Therefore, here are some occupations that can result in damaged overall well-being:

  1. Becoming A Firefighter 

While becoming a firefighter is a noble and selfless job, there are far too many health hazards in this profession. There is a chance of you getting a heat stroke, incurring severe burns all over your body, and feeling mentally exhausted from witnessing traumatic events every day. However, your troubles don’t end there. 

Some older households built back in the 1930s and early 80s will have asbestos in the walls. These microscopic fibers are highly flammable and easy to inhale. Constant asbestos exposure will lead to you getting mesothelioma, a terminal form of cancer that is expensive to treat. 

Since getting this cancer is not your fault, you should contact a mesothelioma attorney to fast-track your way into a lawsuit and compensate for your deteriorating health by suing asbestos companies. The cost of saving a life should never come as an expense to yours. 

There are other complications you will also have to deal with, such as a heart attack, which accounts for more than 40% of deaths in American firefighters. 

Consistently inhaling carbon monoxide will make you short on breath and cause respiratory failure. While rescuing, you can injure yourself, which can cause pathogens to enter your body. Consequently, you may get the Hepatitis B or C virus, which inflames your liver. 

  1. Choosing To Be a teacher

When you choose to work as a teacher, you will have to put your health on the line to ensure a school can uphold minimal standards. 

You may risk your immunity by spending every day with students, colleagues, and parents and getting exposed to various microbes which can make you sick frequently. 

For instance, your student may accidentally expose you to pneumonia and bronchitis or may even bring the COVID-19 virus to school. 

If you work in urban schools, you can find yourself in the middle of school fights and even dealing with students who bring ammunition to school. 

Over 6% of teachers fear workplace injuries or death in school every year in the United States alone. This is stressful and will fill you with anxiety, making you fear for your life at work. 

Your profession will also wreck your health within classrooms. You will need to stand long hours, which may cause water retention in your feet, decreased circulation, and numb extremities. 

Bending at work, stretching to lift heavy equipment, and balancing textbooks in your arms will put pressure on your body, causing varicose veins, spinal cord injuries, sprains, and fractures. 

You can also develop carpal tunnel syndrome from sitting in front of the computer and entering data on all your students every day. 

It is also not easy to plan lessons every day, have unmotivated students, not have sufficient funds and deal with a stressful schedule that will mentally pile up on you, causing you to burn out and become depressed. 

Over 26% of teachers in the United States have severe cases of depression.

  1. Chasing After Professional Wrestling 

Wrestling is a top-tier entertainment sport that leads to a promising career filled with glitter and glamor. But with the pleasure comes the pain. About 10% of global wrestling injuries stem from concussions. 

These send a shock wave into your brain, causing it to move more from its position. As a result, you may even develop Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which can cause you memory loss, confusion, uncontrolled aggression, and impaired judgment. 

You will experience several fractures in your career, which will impact the way your bones rejoin themselves, often requiring surgery. Your spine will also not be safe and damaged as you get shoved on the ring, pushed, and mercilessly beaten by your opponent, causing a hernia in your disk. 

You even risk a disk slip which will cause you intense pain and paralysis. In extreme cases, your fight could lead to a damaged eye that you can no longer recover.

  1. Being A Content Writer

A desk job can cause many illnesses, including injuries to the eyes, cervical spine, and more. Sitting for long hours and staring at a computer screen can promote unhealthy posture and sedentary habits that lead to weight gain, depression, and even sexual dysfunction.

There is also a chance your tendons may go through severe wear and tear. You may develop painful inflammation and start shaking with early signs of arthritis. 

The base of your skull and the back of your neck will also experience extreme tension, and you may get migraine attacks and headaches as you work. 

Content writing also limits you to one area. Consequently, the lack of physical movement will lead to obesity which invites other health issues like cardiovascular diseases and even makes breathing harder. 

In the US, obesity is a significant healthcare concern, with the obesity rate standing at over 40% in adults.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to pursuing a career, you need to prepare yourself for what’s in store. Stability and a good income are the core of a successful profession, but not when they come at the expense of your health. 

If you choose firefighting as a profession, your health will take a tragic turn into heart problems, cancer, and even blood infections. 

While becoming a teacher is a noble choice, your health may not share this nobility and take a turn for the worst with swollen limbs, depression, and navigating through workplace injuries. Wrestling offers you fame and prestige at the cost of your health. 

You will risk injuring your spine, getting concussions, and losing an eye in serious fights. When it comes to content writing, despite being seated in one place, you throw off your poster, risk severe muscle injuries, and severely neglect your health hitting obesity.

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