Best File Transfer App For iPhone To PC

The absence of a traditional way to transfer files from iPhone to PC is a well-known issue and it is also one of the reasons for the constant squabbles between Apple and Android users. It is obvious that Apple does not get along with other operating systems, including Windows and Android. Thankfully, the App Store has an excellent third-party app that allows you to share files from your iOS device to your PC via Wi-Fi.

About SHAREit

SHAREit app allows users to share files quickly, easily, and reliably from iPhone to PC (and vice versa). This Singapore-based company enables and file-sharing app enables you to send and receive songs, video files, images, and to other devices. One of SHAREit’s most significant advantages is that it can be used to rapidly transfer files, with a speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Furthermore, SHAREit is a global content distribution company, enabling you to consume entertaining online videos. More importantly, you can use the app’s Game Centre to access various online games, and download many others.

Also, the unique file-sharing feature of the app allows you to share files from IoS to Windows, IoS to android, Mac devices to Android. Hence, all you need to do is establish a connection between the devices using the app, and you are good to go.

transmitted to other devices or people using Android and Windows phones. The app can also be installed on any device, including tablets and computers.

Using SHAREit To Transfer Files From iPhone To Pc


  • The devices which will be actively sending and receiving the files must have a WiFi feature. 
  • Both the sender and the receiver’s device must have the SHAREit application installed to enable cross-platform file transfer. 
  • You can download the app on the phone from the App Store, and on the PC from the official website. 

SHAREit is a file-sharing app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that is completely free. It allows you to easily transfer files from your iOS device to your computer and, likewise. The app does not use your mobile data and there is no need for a USB data cable either. Simply connect your iPhone/iPad to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, and then share files and documents. Today, we will explore how to use SHAREit to transfer photos, videos, and other files from your iPhone to your PC. 

Let’s start! 

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Step By Step Guide To Transferring Files From iPhone To PC

Step 1

Install the SHAREit app on the iPhone from Google Play Store, and install the desktop version on the PC. 

Step 2

Keep the iPhone and PC connected to the same wireless network— they must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for sharing files. 

Step 3

Open the file sharing app, then tap the Send button on the main screen. Then select the files you wish to transfer from your iPhone by browsing the Photo Library and/or other files. Press the OK button. 

Note. The SHAREit application scans other devices available, which are also linked with the current Wi-Fi network. So, ensure you have the SHAREit app on your PC, or else your iPhone may not find the SHAREit application for the PC. To send files from iPhone to the computer, click the avatar on your PC through the SHAREit app.

Step 4

The SHAREit app will display a notification on the PC screen in which you can choose whether to approve the request for connection from the iPhone or not. Accept the connect request to receive the files from the iPhone. 

(You can follow the same steps to transfer the files from the PC to your iPhone.)

SHAREit: Transferring Files With Ease 

SHAREit is a brilliant option for transferring files from iOS to PC via Wi-Fi. You can transfer files using the app regardless of the file type or size at the fastest speed. And, you also do not have to use any USB cable or the internet. While SHAREit allows the transfer of files from an iPhone to a PC, you can also transfer files between/ to other mobile phones. This file transfer app is cross-platform; meaning, you can move files and documents between your iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and PC/ Mac.

In this blog, we’ve covered the most efficient Wi-Fi files sharing app between iOS and PC that you can download right now. SHAREit is simple to set up and super easy to use— the perfect app to transfer files between you and your loved ones! 

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