What Are The Famous Places Of Varanasi?

If you get the opportunity to go on a historical ride of spirituality or want to understand religion or spirituality you should prefer to visit varanasi situated in India. For that purpose, you need to head toward the state of Uttar Pradesh. This city is the ancient city of Varanasi near about 3000 years approx and still counting. It has so much significance when we talk about hindus. It is one of the important and holy places for Hindus. The devotees come here and have belief in the mind that they can get freedom from the birth cycles and they can get united along divine for forever. This conviction is being manifested as the reality in the whole Varanasi. There are many places that should not be missed when you visit this holy city. While visiting these places, staying in brijrama palace varansimakes sense and the top places to be visited are:

1. The Ganga

Ganga got its name from the whole goddess of Hindus, ganga. This river is very precious and gets extended through the Himalayas and goes towards the bay of Bengal . Ganga river gives the water for washing and other purposes. It is believed by the Hindus, that a bath in the Ganga can purify them and remove their all sins which they have done consciously or unconsciously. The Hindus come there from different places in India to take a bath in the ganga river. It also helps tourists by providing them such an eye-catching and good scene of natural beauty.

2. The Ghat Of Dasaswamedh

Here the specialty of the place lies in the atmosphere it has. This place includes so many flower sellers providing vibrant blossoms, and operators that help in boating in the ganga river. The aarti is put on by hindu priest in the dasaswamedh around evening. This ceremony starts with flowers, saffron, and huge players as offerings as the sign to begin the whole ceremony. Many people gather to be part of this auspicious ceremony.

3. Ghat Of Assi

When we talk about the topmost southernmost beauty then it is the assi ghat. The significance of Assi ghat is the shiv lingham near the tree of fig, anyone comes here to worship the lord shiv when taking bath in ganga river.

4. Ghats Of Manikarnika 

So many swirls of smoke can be seen here which do not comes from any factory rather it comes when there is worshipping going on by the priest. It is the belief of hindus that for availing moksh this manikarnika ghat is very auspicious.

5. Dhamek Stupa

The next place is famous for Buddhism. People believe in lord buddha also. In Varanasi Buddhism is majorly present in the areas of Sarnath. This has the belief system that Budha cane to this stupa after he has achieved enlightenment.  Saranath itself has so many tourist places which will take a full day to enjoy each and every place.

6. The Fort Of Ramnagar 

In India, there are almost so many destinations that have forts, and are very few that do not have forts. The City of Varanasi is also famous for Ramnagar fort. This fort has ancient art pieces, hookas, chairs, unique and antique items, and weapons which makes it crucial to visit once and enjoy the royalty of ancient times.

7. Emporium Of Tea  

Varanasi, there is a place called Vishnu tea. it includes all the necessities that are the best place for all tea lover. It gives many firms of tea including masala chai, roadside style, whipped, etc. It is famous for its tea and many tourists especially comes to have it.

8. Vishvanath Temple

Varanasi has ine more beauty thay is shri vishvanath temple. tourists and pilgrims believe that they will line many miles walking to take the blessings of Kashi Vishwanath temple. This is the shiva temple played with gold and strict security is present, managing the people and tourists coming for blessings.

9. Art Gallery By Ruchika

If you desire Varanasi to get in your home or if you want the piece if your visit to get remembrance in your home too then you should visit Ruchika art gallery. This gallery has so many beautiful art pieces which makes you enabling the benefit of having Varanasi in your home. These paintings are so beautiful and they look real. You will get so impressed by seeing the canvas of different ghats with the colors.

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10. The University

Varanasi has a renowned university which is known as the Hindu university of Banaras which enables millions of students to get for study there – it’s beneficial for their future. this university is old and specialty of Varanasi which makes it beneficial for it to ensure that it gets the students to earn as much potential as they can to go through the practical life.

In the end, it can be concluded that Varanasi is a beautiful city that involves so much spirituality that it makes you feel near to god. It is the city of lights. That ensures your life gets lightened up by taking the blessings of god. Varanasi is a city known for the rich heritage that it offers to the pilgrims and the tourist by ensuring that their visit will be worth it. It is one of the holy places of India which makes your soul and body pure. It is crucial to go to Varanasi when desire to see the different colors. It makes your belief system strong and enables you to take the path of god and helping everyone becomes your mantra. There are so many temples available that give you the ability to make it official to have a darshan of specialties of god. So Varanasi is the blessed city which has the blessings of Somnath god and wishes if so many people making it beneficial for all of them to have a Great experience overall. Hence, staying in brijrama palace Varanasi makes sense so that one can have the best experience of their life.

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