Buy Instagram Followers: How To Identify A Site Selling Fake Followers

Google the phrase ‘buy Instagram followers’ and tell me how many sites you see on your screen. I promise you there will be too many to count.

In a perfect world, having plenty of vendors selling the same stuff shouldn’t be a problem. But in an industry littered with a lot of fakes and counterfeits, one cannot be certain who to buy from or who to avoid.

To make things harder for buyers, almost all the sites use the same marketing jargon, such as ‘high-quality,’ ‘instant,’ ‘free,’ ‘genuine,’ ‘refill guarantee,’ ‘money-back guarantee,’ and so on. This makes it harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. Indeed, anyone who’s ever tried to buy Instagram likes or followers on Instagram will understand how tough it is to find a good site to buy from.

I had a tough time making my first few purchases. It wasn’t until the sixth trial that I finally found a reputable site to buy followers from. I would happily mention those five sites that sold me fake followers here in this post, but this is not a post to shade anyone. Rather, we’re here to enlighten people. Nothing bothered you even if you buy Instagram views from the website. That is actually a reputed and great website to make a deal with.

So, instead, I’ll share with you some useful tips that can help you avoid such sites. I gathered these tips from my experience dealing with fake sites.

If you’re buying Instagram followers from a vendor you know little about, look out for the following signs.

Buy Instagram Followers: How To Identify A Site Selling Fake Followers

1.      Relatively low prices

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s a saying that has followed me all my life.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t think like this. Guess that explains why many keep falling into the wrong hands.

Look, you need to be careful of those sites offering likes or followers at ridiculously low prices. They are always going to be fake packages.

I’m not saying you must break the bank if you want to buy likes on Instagram or followers. My point is that you should consider how feasible it is to provide you with the number of followers you’re ordering at the price you’re getting them. It’s almost unthinkable that someone would bring you 100 real human followers at less than $1. Even if they have the followers already on a payroll, they’re definitely going to be paying each one more than $1. And if they’re using a growth campaign to drive traffic to your page, they’re definitely going to spend more than $1 to fetch you 100 followers.

2.      No Reviews Or Ratings On Major Review Sites

The internet is blessed with lots of review platforms where you can find credible information about any brand. Some of the popular ones include Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Better Business Bureau Reviews, Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and so on.

When you want to buy followers online, make sure you look up the vendor’s name on any of these sites mentioned. If a vendor is credible, you should find reviews about them online. Usually, sites that sell fake followers will never appear on these review sites. And even if they manage to do so, it wouldn’t take long before users start leaving plenty of scathing reviews on their profiles.

3.      Zero follower engagement

Whenever I want to buy followers from a new vendor, I don’t go all out to buy the exact numbers of followers I need. Instead, I buy a few to test the water. The idea is to see what kinds of followers the vendor provides.

Say I buy 50 followers. After my purchase, I make a few posts and then wait to see whether any of the purchased followers will interact with my content. Usually, I give an allowance of up to three days before concluding whether the followers are fake or not.

If the followers engage my content in a manner typical of a regular follower, that’s an indication that they are authentic. But if not, then it’s clear that they’re not genuine.

4.      No Clear Description Of The Process

Before you buy followers from any vendor, you should visit their site to find out about their mode of operation. A site offering genuine followers will happily flaunt its method of operation on its site. Even if they don’t go into much detail, they will tell you how they get the followers they’re sending your way.

Based on my own experience, some of the methods used by legit vendors include:

·        Actively interacting with other profiles on your behalf

·        Leveraging a network of ready-to-follow Instagrammers

·        Ad campaigns to drive traffic to your page

·        Follow for follow on your behalf

·        Like for like on your behalf

5.      Instant Delivery

A fake site will send in your order almost immediately. Since a lot of them use click farms, getting followers into a page is as easy as hitting a button for them. It doesn’t take time at all. With fake sites, you can place an order at 9:00 and get all your delivery at 9:05.

In contrast, a genuine site takes more time to complete your order. This is because they have to work through their system to bring the right kinds of followers to your page.

Usually, a good site offering legit followers will take at least several minutes or a few hours to deliver your order.

In summary, the point here is that no matter the quantity you want to buy, it shouldn’t happen instantaneously.

6.      Disappearing Followers

Another common trait of fake followers is that they disappear with time.

Since many of them are borne of bot accounts, it doesn’t take long before they’re flagged and removed by the Instagram algorithm. As a result, anyone who has them as followers will suffer a drop in follower count.

If you notice a drop in your follower counts shortly after buying followers, it’s likely because you’ve fake followers.


Nobody should ever have to lose their hard-earned money to fraud and scams. Sadly, these things are rampant everywhere on the internet.

All I can say is that you should be careful when shopping for Instagram followers. Because trust me, there are lots of con sites selling bot followers out there.

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