Everything You’ll Need For a Boat Party

Have you been considering throwing a boat party? Boat parties make for a day well spent. It gives you and your guests something different to do other than partying in a home or at a local venue. 

While out on the water, you can enjoy the cool breeze and even spot some magnificent wildlife as well. You know the basics of party planning. You’ve prepared the date and time and have begun to create a guest list. 

You’ve come up with a theme, perhaps, and know exactly where you want to go and what you’re celebrating. However, when planning a boat party, there’s so much more to plan for. This is a unique experience that requires a unique planning process. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to host a party on a boat that your friends will never forget! Continue reading to get started. 

An Awesome Boat Rental

A great starting point is to look into boat rentals. You can choose between a variety of boat rentals, ranging from all-day rentals to sunset summer boat rentals. There are a few benefits of choosing a boat rental company for your boat party. 

Many boat rentals provide wine and even a menu for the guests. Some companies will even provide a captain on the boat. This helps reduce the need to plan for food and drinks and the need to find someone who can safely and legally drive the boat. 

You also won’t have to worry about maintaining the boat or cleaning it after bringing it back in for the night. 

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Even if you plan to book an evening boat rental, you’ll still want to wear and bring enough sunscreen. All you need is a couple of hours of daylight out on the water to get too much direct sun on your skin. To protect yourself from sunburn, you’ll want to have sunscreen.

Be sure to pack sunscreen for you, any children who might be joining, and an extra container in case someone on board forgets to bring their own. 

Sun-Protective Clothing

sunscreen is essential, but sun-protective clothing is just as important. It’s not difficult to forget to reapply sunscreen throughout your boat party. Sunscreen will need to be reapplied on a consistent basis. 

While having fun and partying with your friends, you may forget to reapply as needed. This is where sun-protective clothing comes in handy. Sunscreen paired with sun-protective clothing can help greatly in protecting your skin from harsh sun rays. 

There are clothing items made specifically to protect your skin from the sun while still keeping you cool. You can also bring a sun hat and sunglasses along with you as well. Because you’ll be hosting a party, don’t forget to bring a few extras for your guests. 

A Windbreaker Jacket

Do keep in mind, that depending on the time of the year and time of day, it could get chilly out on the water. As the boat begins to travel at higher speeds, the cool breeze will be more apparent. At times, this could cause you to feel a bit cold.

For this reason, you’ll want to bring a windbreaker jacket with you. It’s also not a bad idea to bring a few blankets as well if planning to do an evening boat party. 

Swimming Essentials

If you’re planning your boat party during the day, then don’t forget to bring your swimming essentials. You’ll want to bring bathing suits and towels, but a few other items as well. For example, be sure to bring any water toys or floats if you want to kick back and relax. 

If you enjoy playing water sports or games, then be sure to bring the equipment needed for the different sports and games. 

A Music Playlist

What’s a party without music?

If you choose to do a boat rental, then the rental might come with party music. You might even be able to connect your own device to play your own music. If you’re not renting a boat, then be sure to bring your own device to play music on. 

If you can’t connect the device to the boat’s speakers, then bring a waterproof speaker to enjoy your favorite party hits on.

Safe Footwear 

While on a boat, you need to consider the type of footwear you’ll be wearing. You’ll need to wear shoes that are both comfortable and waterproof. You can wear boat shoes or water shoes. 

Both options are ideal. Wearing the wrong type of shoes could cause you to slip and fall on the boat. Shoes that aren’t waterproof could also be damaged from wearing them around water for several hours. 

Lots of Water

When renting a party boat, it’s essential to find out what’s all included. Some boat rentals might come with a full menu, drinks, and water. Don’t rely on the rental to provide all of this though. 

Always speak with the boat rental company first to find out what’s all included. It’s important to ensure there will be enough water on board for everyone. You can easily become dehydrated out in the sun all day long without even realizing it. 

Make sure to not only have enough water but to take water breaks as well. 

Throwing a Boat Party Requires Party Planning 

A boat party is a great way to celebrate any special event. It brings friends and family close to one another while also getting to explore the ocean and other wildlife. Throwing a boat party does require a lot of party planning, however. 

Make sure to keep this party-planning guide handy when preparing to throw your own special boat party. For more helpful lifestyle topics, don’t forget to check back here on a daily basis. 

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