The Engrossing Story Of Kebe Dunn: Michael Rapaport’s Wife


Michael Rapaport is known to be a well-known actor and famous comedian, his second wife Kebe Dunn is also a promising American actress. Though Kebe has not gained popularity like her husband, still it will be fair to affirm that through her hard work and passion she has been able to create her fan base all across the world.

Michael Rapaport is considered to be one of the richest professional actors of this time. If we keep Michael Rapaport’s net worth aside the lifestyle and biography of Kebe Dunn are also very much engaging and prolific. To read more about this spellbinding personality, read through the following paragraphs.

Kebe Dunn’s Professional Life

Kebe Dunn’s on-screen presence is not that much compared to her husband, she has appeared in very few television series and movies. ‘Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead’ is an American science fiction horror film in which her appearance and craft got critically acclaimed.

Love for Rent (2005), Session with Jonathan Pessin (2012), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Malcolm & Eddie are some of the television series where Kebe worked with superb enthusiasm.

In ‘Session with Jonathan Pessin’ she has been seen as a Shoe Saleswoman and in ‘Love for Rent’ her role was of a nurse.

The actress’s last work is reported to be the TV show ‘Tournament of Laughs’ which was released in 2020 – her husband Michael has also been seen in this show.

Kebe Dunn Personal Life

Kebe Dunn Personal Life

As far as the personal life of Kebe Dunn is concerned, all we know is that this American actress was born in the United States and is currently 44 years of age. She belongs to the black community and she is Christian by her belief. Kebe’s zodiac sign, birth date, and hometown are under scrutiny and if any information is received on this front it will be revealed to the public eyes.

Kebe Dunn’s Net Worth

As of date, Kebe Dunn’s net worth is not known but it can be assured that she has earned a significant amount of money from indulging in endorsing brands and through her brief acting career. According to different data, it is speculated that she owns a net worth of $350,000.

Talking about her husband, if we look after Michael Rapaport’s net worth it would be easy to state that this star couple has been the possessor of quite a handful amount of assets. The current net worth of Michael Rapaport is estimated as 13 Million USD, he currently lives with Kebe in Los Angeles and they also have a land rover in their possession.

Relationship With Michael Rapaport

Relationship With Michael Rapaport

Kebe Dunn tied the conjugal knot with Michael Rapaport in 2016 after being dated for several years. No information is available regarding any of her past relationships, but she is happily settled with Michael Rapaport now.

As mentioned in the beginning, Kebe is the second wife of Michael Rapaport, the actor-turned-comedian who has primarily married Nichole Beattie. Michael doesn’t have any child together with Kebe, but he has been blessed with two sons with his ex-wife. So, it can be comprehended that Kebe is the stepmother of his husband’s two children.

Surprisingly, in the 1995 movie ‘Higher Learning’, Michael played the role of the character Remy who has been portrayed as racist. Since then many people misjudged Michael to be racist in real life, but Michael washed down all these rumors in one shot when he married Kebe Dunn.

Currently, Michael and Kebe seem to lead a happy and successful life, although they don’t share much of their personal life on social media and would like to celebrate their journey together in private.

Kebe Dunn’s Physical Appearance

Several reports confirm that Kebe Dunn is around 5 ft 7 inches tall and she weighs approximately 63 kg. In addition to that, she has attractive black curly hair and brown eyes, and she prefers dress size of 8 US and shoe size of 7 US. Kebe doesn’t have any tattoos on her body, she looks fairly charming in her overall outlook. It seems that the secret of all her glamour lies in her positive approach to life.

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Social Media

Kebe Dunn is quite efficient when it comes to engaging her followers, she uses social media as a platform to connect with them and let them know about the current happenings in her life and her upcoming projects. She is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook her Twitter account comes under the name ‘kdkeebler’. As she is there mostly on all the social media platforms, this helps to connect with quite a several people. Her followers eagerly wait to see the day-to-day update on this actress’s life.

General Trivia

There is no official corroboration on the awards and nominations for Kebe Dunn but it’s under scrutiny, once reviewed the findings will be shared ahead with the public. Kebe likes to spend her leisure by reading books and practicing acting, nothing is of record on her choice of a favorite actor, favorite destination, and favorite food. As she likes to keep her details away from the public radar, her educational qualifications, and schooling details are also not available.


It will be good to conclude; the journey of Kebe Dunn is quite enriching. The most exciting part of her growth and popularity is how she has been guided by her husband who himself is such a great actor and comedian.

For all the upcoming comedians, Michael Rapaport will always be a role model. His constant thrives for excellence, which is portrayed in some works like ‘Men of Honor’, ‘Beautiful Girls’, and ‘True Romance’ which are something of great entertainment and worth watching. Apart from being an eminent artist of the current time he repeatedly evolves to be a better person. When his first marriage failed, it’s quite impressive to see how he embraced Kebe Dunn who has always been his best friend.

It will be exciting to see how Kebe Dunn goes further as an artist under the guidance of her loving husband and how she adds several hallmarks and achievements to her hat just like her husband did.

Apart from acting, it will also be interesting to witness how endorsing brands takes her further to reach her goals.

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