Emanuela Pecchia (Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife) Bio, Age, Family, Wife & Net Worth

A lot of you may have heard about Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo is a globally renowned Thoracic surgeon, medical researcher, and a Swiss-conman. The Italian surgeon is known for having involved himself in a lot of controversies. But do you know about his family or who is Macchiarini’s wife?

Do You Know About Emanuela Pecchia?

As a distinguished surgeon that Paolo is, people are always curious to know more about his life and family. Paolo’s family member who we will talk about is Macchiarini’s wife, Emanuela. So, here’s this piece from ApzoBlog to quench your curiosity about who Emanuela Pecchia is. 

In this post, we have discussed everything you need to know about the wife of Paolo Macchiarini. 

The name of Paolo Macchiarini’s wife is Emanuela Pecchi. Mrs. Macchiarini has received a lot of fame and the spotlight for being the wife of the popular Italian Thoracic Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. As evident, she is a celebrity spouse. Stay tuned to read Emanuela Pecchia’s (Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife) Bio, Age, Family, Wife & Net Worth. 

Who is Emanuela Pecchia?

Who is Emanuela Pecchia

Emanuela Pecchia Macchiarini, nickname Emanuela, is an Italian celebrity family member. She is a celebrity wife. Emanuela is the wife of the once-lauded (now-conman) Paolo Macchiarini. Macchiarini had been a world-famous Thoracic surgeon and medical researcher until he was convicted of causing felony bodily injuries to one of his patients through negligence. In another case, Emanuela’s husband has been accused of assault-related charges in two surgeries. 

Read about Paolo Macchiarini’s legal troubles in the later sections. 

It is worth noting that besides being a distinguished medical practitioner and medicine researcher, Paolo is an infamous fraudster. His manipulative personality leads him to be the subject of controversies more than often. The Macchiarini couple is an Italian citizen. However, after being found not guilty of aggravated assault in June 2022, the couple moved to Spain. Since then, Emanuela Pecchia and her once-lauded surgeon husband have been living in Spain.

Due to his professional commitments and legal issues, her husband travels in and out of USA and Italy almost regularly.

Stay tuned to ApzoBlog to know more interesting facts about Emanuela Pecchia and her husband. In addition to this, we have also discussed Paolo’s past affairs and all the major controversies he has been involved in. So, go through this article and explore it all.

Quick Facts About Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife Emanuela Pecchia

Official Name – Emanuela Pecchia Macchiarini

Nickname – Emanuela

Known For – Wife of Paolo Macchiarini

Date of Birth – Not Known

Age – mid-forties (estimated)

Place of Birth – Italy

Current Residence – Spain 

Zodiac Sign – Not Known

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – Italian

Ethnicity – Caucasian

Religion – Christian

Profession – Housewife 

Net Worth – $4-5 Million

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight – 68 Kg or 149 lbs (estimated)

Eye Color – Hazel brown

Hair Color – Black

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Will Update Soon

Siblings – Will Update Soon

Marital Status – Will Update Soon

Partner – Paolo Macchiarini 

Children – 2 Children

A Short Bio of Emanuela Pecchia

To talk about Paolo Macchiarini’s wife, ApzoBlog would like to mention that Paolo never brought Emanuela under the spotlight. In other words, he hasn’t shared any concrete details about her life yet. 

Unlike her husband, Emanuela Pecchia has been persistent to avoid attracting too much attention. She hasn’t shared anything about her date of birth or early life.

From the pictures of her and her husband, she seems to be in her mid-forties. She looks a lot younger than her husband Paolo. Since she hasn’t shared her real age with the media, it’s difficult to say exactly her age as of 2022. We can only guess!

As we do not have any information on Emanuela’s date of birth, we do not know her zodiac sign as well. She was born in Italy. Therefore, she is an Italian citizen. She is believed to be of white descent. Paolo’s wife Emanuela is a Caucasian. 

Early Life and Family Background

emanuela pecchia Early Life and Family Background

As you read, Emanuela Pecchia likes to lead a quiet life away from all the media glory and fame. She prefers keeping her private life in secrecy. We respect her choice. That being said, she has not revealed anything about her early life and family background. 

All we know is that Paolo Macchiarini is Emanuela’s husband. He is her immediate family but that’s about it. There are no details available about her parents or siblings available. We don’t even know if she has any siblings or not. You can keep an eye on ApzoBlog to know some further updates on her family members. 

Educational Qualifications

Born and brought up in Italy, Emanuela Pecchia visited a local high school in her hometown to complete her graduation. She finished her senior year with good grades. Thereafter, she visited one of the State Universities in Italy to complete further studies. 

ApzoBlog will update Emanuela Pecchia’s alma mater soon. 

How Old is Emanuela Pecchia?

The date of birth of Paolo Macchiarini’s wife Emanuela Pecchia is not available. As a result, finding her exact age is not possible. From her latest pictures, we speculate Mrs. Macchiarini to be in her mid-forties or late fifties. 

Her Swiss-born husband, Paolo Macchiarini is a former surgeon and regenerative medicine researcher. He was born on August 22, 1958. In November 2022, Paolo will be 64 years old. 

Her Physical Appearance

Paolo’s gorgeous wife, Emanuela Pecchia is a sight to watch. At the age of her mid-forties, she is still just as stunning. Her slim physique and right curves make women envious of her. Here’s an insight into Emanuela Pecchia’s appearance.

  • Height – Mrs. Macchiarini is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Her height in centimeters is 174cm.
  • Weight – She weighs around 68 kg or 149 lbs. 
  • Eye Color – Pecchia has jaw-dropping hazel brown eyes.
  • Hair Color – She has black hair.
  • Body Type – She has a slim physique.
  • Skin Tone – The Caucasian beauty has white skin.
  • Tattoos and Piercing – She has pierced earlobes and no tattoos.

How Did Emanuela Pecchia Become Popular?

Emanuela rose to fame after marrying her current husband, Paolo Macchiarini in 1986. However, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight on most occasions.

Pecchia caught a lot of attention when her husband cheated on her with NBC’s Benita Alexander. She was brought into the greater spotlight when her Swiss-born surgeon husband was convicted of causing bodily injuries to one of his patients during surgery with negligence. Reports suggest that three of Paolo’s patients died following his procedure. 

Paolo Macchiarini – Husband of Emanuela Pecchia

Paolo Macchiarini Husband of Emanuela Pecchia

The husband of Emanuela Pecchia, Paolo Macchiarini is a renowned Italian surgeon. Born in Switzerland, Dr. Paolo was brought up in Italy. He is a former regenerative medicine researcher. He became infamous following research fraud and manipulative behavior.

On multiple occasions, Macchiarini was convicted of research-related crimes in Italy as well as Sweden. Long before he was accused of performing experimental surgeries unethically, Paolo was considered a pioneer in biotechnology. 

How Did Paolo and Pecchia Meet?

So, it’s worth noting that both Emanuela Pecchia and Paolo share a marital bond of about 36 years. They said their wedding vows in Italy. In other words, Paolo and Emanuela tied the knot in Italy. Currently, they are residing in Spain. They are having a good time together with their kids. Also, Emanuela has two children. She shares them with her husband, Paolo. Paolo, on the other hand, is a father of five children. We do not have any update on the names of Paolo and Emanuela’s children. 

Like any other relationship, Emanuela and Macchiarini have had their ups and downs. In other words, they don’t share a picture-perfect relationship. For instance, we know that Paolo Macchiarini had an affair with NBC’s Benita Alexander in the year 2015 for a while. At that moment, Emanuela, his current wife, didn’t have any clue about his affair. 

Furthermore, Paolo got engaged to Benita without telling his wife, Emanuela. When Benita Alexander discovered Paolo’s marital status, she walked out of the engagement. Benita called off her engagement two months before the wedding date.

Upon discovering Paolo’s affair with Benita, Emanuela Pecchia had a huge fight with him.

Paolo Macchiarini has been involved in several other romantic affairs other than with Benita Alexander. He has been involved in a lot of controversial issues as well. 


As for her career, we have a little update as Emanuela Pecchia has not mentioned anything about the same anywhere. 

In other words, we can deduce that she’s probably a housewife. According to the sources, she manages her home and takes care of her children while her husband is out at work.

Netizens suggest that Emanuela was a model in her young days. 

Even though details about her occupation or career are not that clear, we can say that she’s quite famous. Oh, you must have seen her with her husband on several occasions. For instance, you will find lots of pictures of the husband and wife in several places. 

Lifestyle, Net Worth and Salary

Emanuela Pecchia is a housewife. She’s a homemaker busy looking after her two children and husband Paolo. As Pecchia does not have any specified source of income, her annual salary is not known. Online sources suggest Emanuela has a net worth of about $4-5 Million. She shares this net worth with her husband Macchiarini. 

Mrs. Macchiarini leads a luxurious life in an affluent and private environment.

Rumors and Controversies

Emanuela Pecchia Rumors and Controversies

Emanuela and Paolo Macchiarini make an ironic pair. While one tries her best to avoid unwanted attention (or attention at all), the other one keeps getting involved in controversies. Emanuela is a low-key person. So, she hasn’t been roped in any sort of rumor so far.

Her husband, Paolo is best known as a Swiss conman. In Sweden, he was convicted of causing felony bodily injuries to his patient during surgery. The cause of the same was his negligence. Later, two of his patients died in the years that followed his procedure. Macchiarini was arrested on assault charges related to additional surgeries. 

So far, Emanuela’s husband has been convicted of search-related crimes and medical malpractices in Italy and Sweden.

Apart from this, Paolo is also known for his extremely romantic personality. He is often seen indulging in extramarital romances.

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Social Media Presence

Mrs. Macchiarini is decently active on social media. Her Instagram profile has more than 10K followers. Her husband, Paolo, is not active online. 

FAQs About Emanuela Pecchia

Here are some frequently asked questions about Emanuela Pecchia:

1. Who is Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife?

Italian Surgeon and medicine researcher Paolo Macchiarini is married to Emanuela Pecchia. His wife Emanuela is a homemaker. 

2. What’s Emanuela Pecchia’s Birthplace?

Emanuela Pecchia is Italian by birth. She was born and brought up in Italy. 

3. How Many Children does Paolo Macchiarini have?

Paolo Macchiarini is a proud father of 5 children. He shares two of his children with his wife Emanuela Pecchia. 

4. What’s The Controversy About Emanuela Pecchia’s Husband?

Italian Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini is infamous for his fraudulent research, manipulative behavior, and medicinal negligence.

Emanuela’s husband, Dr. Paolo had an extramarital affair with Benita Alexander from NBC. It all started following their meeting in 2013 in Illinois during an NBC Special. However, his wife Emanuela Pecchia found out about the affair before Macchiarini could marry Benita. 

5. What’s Emanuela Pecchia’s Net Worth?

Emanuela Pecchia is a homemaker. She has a share in her husband’s net worth as she does not earn on her own. Pecchia’s husband, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini has an estimated face value of more than $4-5 Million.

6. How old is Emanuela Pecchia Macchiarini?

The birth details of celebrity wife Emanuela Pecchia are not known. She is speculated to be in her mid or late forties. 

7. Where is Paolo Macchiarini now?

After being found not guilty of aggravated assault in June 2022, Paolo Macchiarini moved to Spain. He has been staying in Spain since then. He moves in and out of Spain and USA, whenever required.

8. What Happened to Paolo the Surgeon?

Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini has received a conditional suspension order on his medical practice license. He had been acquitted of assault charges and medical malpractice in two other cases. In a Sweden facility, two of his patients had received artificial organs from him.

As a result of his negligence and manipulative behavior, three of Paolo’s patients have died. However, Paolo was not directly accused of killing them.

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