The Relationship Between Electrocution And Construction Accidents


If a person has been injured in a construction accident, then they should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced construction accident injury attorney. The lawyers realize that construction sites can be extremely dangerous places, and electrocution shock injuries are a very real possibility on construction sites. In addition, electric shocks can lead to serious health issues that range from burns to death. Although these accidents can happen to anyone, however, the workers in the construction industry are at an exceptionally high risk of electrical injury.

Causes of Electrical Accidents at Construction Sites

Construction workers are always at risk because they are exposed to electric current in various ways. Some causes of electric accidents at the construction sites include coming in contact with power lines, absence of ground-fault protection for workers, inappropriate use of extension cords, failing to ground electrical equipment, and not adhering to manufacturers’ guidelines. 

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Serious Injuries Caused by Electrocution

Coming into contact with electricity can be fatal. Contact with as little as two amps of electricity can lead the workers to suffer from serious injuries. The injuries caused by electric accidents can be categorized into four main groups, electrocution, electrical shocks, electrical burns, and falls resulting from the electrical accident. 

The extent to which a worker gets injured depends on various factors. Some of them include the duration of time a person became exposed to the electric current, the amount of current that entered a person’s body, the path of the current within the body, the voltage of current passing a person’s body, the phase of the heart cycle, the amount of moisture present, and the overall health of the person.

Construction workers can suffer from various life-threatening injuries after getting exposed to the electric current. For instance, workers can suffer from cardiovascular injuries or problems such as a lack of cardiac rhythm. Cardiovascular injuries are often fatal if not treated immediately. The construction workers also suffer from respiratory diseases. However, these injuries are rare, but if the current passes through the person’s chest muscles or part of the brain that controls breathing, then the person may experience a respiratory arrest. 

Construction workers may experience issues related to the central nervous system. The workers exposed to electric currents often suffer additional injuries such as the ones from falls. These additional injuries include injuries such as spinal cord injuries, head wounds, nerve damage, and seizures. The victims also suffer from fractures and internal organ damage resulting from falls after the accident. Burns are also one of the common injuries suffered by the victim. 


People working at construction sites are at greater risk of getting injured as they are exposed to electric currents. However, if an individual gets injured in a construction accident, then one needs to speak with a construction accident injury attorney immediately. The lawyers devote their maximum efforts to their clients and represent them in a court of law. 

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