The damages caused by addiction are reversible. However, the addiction treatment could get complicated. All kinds of addiction affect the brain functions and the behavior of individuals. Therefore, addiction is complex yet treatable. Alcohol and other drugs alter the brain’s structure and function. The brain begins to derive pleasure from these substances. As a result, the person craves the sense over and over. The changes persist long after drug use has ceased. Hence, alcohol and other drug abusers are at high risk for relapse even after long periods of abstinence. Even when the victim of addiction realizes the devastating effects of drug abuse, they find it very difficult to let go of substance abuse. Telehealth alcohol treatment Illinois offers incorporate programs that restructure the person’s lifestyle. They ensure that triggers are avoided, and the person can focus on healing.

One treatment cannot help everyone

Every patient’s condition is different. Treatments will vary according to the nature of addiction and the characteristics of the patient. Telehealth alcohol rehab in Illinois offers appropriate treatment settings, medication consultation , and programs to uplift the victim’s self-confidence. They prepare them holistically to step back into society and be productive at their home and workplace. At the online Illinois rehabilitation center, treatments are readily available and commenced as soon as the patient seeks help.  

Holistic treatment

A good rehab will attend to the multiple needs of the individual. Substance abuse is just one problem; the patient needs to be treated for any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal issues. The treatment must be tailored to suit the individual’s age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. 

Remain in treatment for an adequate time frame

Addiction is a severe issue that cannot be dealt with within a couple of days. The duration differs for every patient. Upon diagnosis, the rehab can estimate how long the treatment can last. Recovery is a long-term process, and research indicates that most addicts need at least three months to reduce or stop their drug use significantly. The best outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment. 

Combination treatment or dual treatment

Counseling and assessment are an essential part of the recovery program. Through this, medical professionals can find out every other problem associated with the addict. Apart from medical addiction treatment, the person needs treatment for other underlying health conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc. The patient also requires counseling, psychotherapy, family therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and social or legal services.

Ongoing Process

Alcohol and other drug rehab centers must monitor their patients continuously. The nature of the problem is such that the chances of a relapse are more. Relapses may also occur during the treatment. However, the real challenge begins once the patient is out of the alcohol treatment center. To live clean in a place where the person started using substances and became an addict is challenging. Thus, rehab centers have an ongoing treatment plan where the progress of the individual is assessed. Even after the rehab program is due, the patient is expected to visit occasionally for follow-ups. 

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