What Is Meant By Digital Marketing? & Different Types Of Digital Marketing With Example

As people are spending more and more time on screens making digital marketing more valuable in current times. Yes, you know a little bit about it but this guide will let you know whole about digital marketing. So the first question is what is digital marketing?

Its advertising done by digital channels. Channels like social media, search engine, website, emails, or in short you can say that…

                                                       “Digital marketing is the marketing technique used to promote products and services on digital platforms.”

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Now The Thing Is How Many Types Of Digital Marketing Are There?

Know more about types of Digital Marketing. and which one will be good or your future.

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So Here I Classify Best 7 Types Of Digital Marketing-: 

Search Engine Optimization:

Abbreviated as SEO which means optimizing the website according to the guidelines of search engine which makes our website ranking higher on SERP. It is a type of Digital Marketing, that people choose most for his career. Now, wait, what is SERP? Its search engine result page on which there are two types of results are shown one is paid which is done by paying to the search engine and the other one is organic which comes by doing SEO. The famous search engine who gives birth to this interesting field is GOOGLE. SEO It all depends on your quality backlink. Also, Read how An Anchor tag benefit for SEO.

Explore here the knowledge of SEO. And how its a aimportant type of Digital Marketing.

Social Media Marketing:

Abbreviated the broad type of Digital Marketing as SMM which means optimizing social assets like social media profiles and pages of a company according to the social media platform guidelines. Unlike Google, there are different social media platforms so it needs to optimize the profile according to each platform’s guidelines. Famous social media portals used in SMM are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Explore here the knowledge of Social Media Marketing and how its a big platfrom of Digital Marketing.

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Content Marketing:

Another type of digital marketing that works from the backend. How? Everything you see on a website or social media is a type of content whether it is text, image or video. The more relevant your content will the more people will attract and the more will be the chance of getting benefit from them. Understand? No! Let me take an example if a person is coming to your website to get some information about the men grooming problem instead of that you are showing him how to get rid of any common men grooming problem then it’s not relevant content why? Because you are showing him a solution to a particular problem and he is searching for the list of problems. The trust of customers is one of the most important long-term goals of content marketing.

Know the Value of Content Marketing and why its more important type of Digital Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

When business gets sales with a reference to a third party is called affiliate marketing. Business connects with an affiliate marketer and a link is put by the marketer on his digital assets like website or landing pages by which the user follows the path to the business website and this is how the business gets traffic and conversions. With the point of view of business, it’s another option to gain traffic and sales but with the point of view of the third party, it’s a better way to earn a decent income.

Value of Affiliate marketing, and best type of Digital Marketing to earn money.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC):

Another type of online marketing did on search engine i.e. Google. There is a tool used for PPC advertising is Google Adwords. Essentially, it’s the way toward purchasing visits to your site, instead of getting them naturally through SEO or different sorts of digital marketing.

Know the team Pay-Per-Click, How it is most effective type of digital marketing.
What is PPC? Popular types of digital marketing.

Email Marketing:

Where it takes more time and complete hard work to do other means of digital marketing here you have email marketing cheaper than any everything. It’s an excellent way to increase brand loyalty as it let you connect with your customers and build relationships with them. Why this old marketing way is still doing well? Simple it’s cheaper as it takes only 200$ to reach 5000 people. Fast way to reach the potential audience. Mailchimp is the most famous tool used by bigger brands for their email marketing.

what is Email Marketing and why Email marketing called 360 marketing

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Influencer Marketing: 

Influencing someone means convincing someone for your products and services. Let takes an example if I say that “X” is very technical he should be in ISRO, how many will be convinced by me? Hardly one! But if our PM says the same maybe “X” gets a job from over there! That’s influencer marketing. The brand uses people who have high reach in the digital world considered by your target audience to drive traffic and sales. Influencer marketing is mainly done on social media platforms like especially on Instagram and Snapchat and a new one is entering into the list i.e. Tik Tok.

Know the term Influencer Marketing and why it is the best type of Digital Marketing

Now the thing is which type of digital marketing is useful for your business?

So here is the answer, If your business mainly depends upon leads you should go for the SEM and SMM as you can capture leads thereby both of the modes you can pay for them as well as you can gather leads for free.

If you are an e-commerce merchant then you should more focus on Social media marketing because the more buzz your product will create the more will be demand. Also, you prefer Influencer marketing but choose your influencer wisely because if your product is related to an Online course then you should hire an influencer who is related to the Online learning field.

Affiliate marketing can be used to increase sales as you will be getting the customers by doing nothing. People will work for you and bring sales in exchange for commissions.

Email marketing should be used by everyone as it increases brand loyalty among customers also enhance customer relationship management.

As I had already said that Content marketing is the backend marketing which is generally used in each type of marketing without content you will not be able to do SEO nor SMM.

So, guys, that’s it for today, if you feel any query regarding the digital marketing you can ask us in the comment section we will be there for you.

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