When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different tools, techniques, and tactics. With this in mind, we’ve broken down some simple tips so that you can take the first step with confidence!

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No Right Answer

First and foremost, there is no one magical strategy that will allow you to become the world’s best digital marketer. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the competition for guidance and ideas, but the best digital marketing strategy will be the one that’s tailored to YOUR needs. 

For example, people assume that Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for paid advertising just because they’re the most popular… but what if your target market doesn’t use these platforms? This leads us nicely to the next tip.

At all times, your target market needs to be the focal point of your advertising efforts. Whether you’re paying for advertising on Instagram, creating videos for YouTube, or writing content for your blog, what’s the point if you aren’t doing it for the people you want to buy your products/services? 

With this, we recommend starting your digital marketing journey with an in-depth review of your average customer. Don’t just assume that you understand your target market because many businesses have found that their actual customer is very different from what they initially wanted to target. Assess the analytics of buyers, website visitors, and social media engagements. 

Use Paid and Organic Search 

The next thing you need to know about digital marketing is that the best results often come when people combine organic and paid search. While paid search will see you pay for clicks in a search engine, organic search is all about SEO (search engine optimization) and trying to get your pages to the top of the search results. In our experience, both are important if you want to succeed because they each have pros and cons. 

Digital Marketing for Beginners

For example, paid search allows you to reach customers with the intent to buy from your niche, but you only ever get what you pay for (one click). On the other hand, organic search requires more of an upfront investment but has the potential to generate lots of clicks. The higher you appear in a search engine, the more authority, and credibility you have. 

Local Businesses Can Benefit 

When we speak to new business owners or marketers, they sometimes believe that digital marketing is pointless for local businesses. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you only want to reach out to people within a 20-mile radius, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with putting leaflets through doors. With local SEO, your business is displayed for all those who search for a business of your type online. Let’s say that you’re a hair salon, having a Google My Business profile and positive social media presence will ensure that you show when somebody nearby looks for a hair salon. 

Content, Content, Content

For consumers, one of the biggest things they need from companies is authority and leadership. Thankfully, you can achieve this with content. With professional guides, eBooks, blog posts, videos, and social media posts, your target market will see your knowledge in the niche and immediately trust what you have to offer. Not only this, but content also allows you to improve your SEO and climb the organic search rankings too. 

Digital marketing is difficult, but we’ve now laid the foundations to find the strategy that works for you. There’s no right answer, catering to your target market is essential, paid and organic search can work together, local businesses need digital marketing too, and content is king!

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