December Global Holidays

Well, guys!! December is knocking on our doors, and I am very excited about it.

For me, December means a month of holidays which is all about snow, cookies, and quality times with the loved ones. All these things made December the most entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable month of the year. 

Many people are waiting for this month with full curiosity so that they can plan a long trip with their family and friends. 

The reason is simple: this month contains a long list of holidays which means no office, college, or school. Only rest and fun.

So, if you are also among the one who has special plans this December and is searching for a list of December Global Holidays, then you must scroll through this article.

This article will surely excite you as below I will mention the most important holidays and festivities that will fall between 1st December to 31st December.

Let me start now:

List Of December Global Holidays:

1. World’s AIDS Day: 1st December

Celebrated since 1988 on 1st December, this day is celebrated to honor those suffering from AIDS/HIV and those who lost their lives due to these diseases. The main aim of World’s AIDS Day is to raise awareness about AIDS and the impact it has on people worldwide.

On this day, people discuss the facts and ways to reduce the virus’s spread and encourage people to get themselves tested for AIDS/HIV and confirm their medical status.

Place of Celebration: All over the world

2. Krampusnacht: 5th December

Celebrated in Germany and different parts of the European countries, this festival is celebrated by people who sing a lyrical poem about a mythical devil. At this festival, young men wear frightening costumes like scary creatures and go door-to-door to scare and discipline the naughty and disobedient children. Their costumes are made using goat or sheepskin.

In the 12th century, the Catholic Church had planned to ban this festival because of its connection with the devils. However, this festival has survived and continues to be celebrated by the people. 

Krampusnacht is considered a public holiday by the people living in different parts of Europe like Germany, Austria, and other alpine countries.

Place of Celebration: Across Germany, other European countries, and Australia.

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3. King Bhumibol’s Birthday: 5th December

On 5th December every year, Thailand celebrates the birthday of its beloved king, Bhumibol Adulyadej. He was born in 1927 and remained the king of Thailand between 1950 and 2016. Although he is dead now, the king is still very popular and deeply loved by the Thai people. In his memory, many Thai people wear yellow outfits, which shows respect. 

Place of Celebration: Thailand

4. St. Nicholas Day: 6th December

As the name suggests, this day is known for the Feast of St. Nicholas, a Christian saint who was famous for his generosity and kindness and continues to inspire us till today. Some people exchange gifts with their family members and loved ones on this day.  

Place of Celebration: Coastal regions of northwestern Europe, in areas of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

5. Bodhi Day: 8th December

Celebrated every year on 8th December, Bodhi Day is also known as the Festival of Enlightenment. This festival is a very important festival for Buddhists and holds a deep meaning for them. This is because, on this day, Siddhartha Gautama has finally achieved enlightenment after years of meditation and contemplation. 

Many Buddhists celebrate this day by going on pilgrimage to bodhi trees and other holy sites and often give special donations to participate in some special meditations.

If you also want to celebrate this special day, you can visit a Buddhist temple, read the biography of Buddha, and even try to meditate yourself.

Place of Celebration: China, Japan, and Korea

6. Human Rights Day: 10th December

Human Rights Day celebrates the fundamental human rights everyone should have regardless of race, religion, nationality, or gender. This day is celebrated on 10th December yearly, protecting all human rights worldwide. This one makes sure that we treat people with full dignity and respect.

Place of Celebration: Worldwide

7. International Human Solidarity Day: 20th December

The idea of International Human Solidarity Day came from The United Nations in 2005 and is celebrated every year on 20th December. The main idea behind this day is to celebrate the idea of human brotherhood and promote peace and cooperation between the people. Not only this, but this day also aims to raise awareness about global issues like poverty, hunger, and disease. 

Anyone can celebrate this day by donating to a local charity they care about or simply spending time with their family and friends.

No matter what you do on this day, always remember that we all are together and connected in some way.

Place of Celebration: The United Nations

8. Christmas: 25th December

If I am talking about December Global Holidays, how can I forget about Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals and an inseparable part of the December Global Holidays and is celebrated to enjoy the birth of Jesus. 

On 25th December every year, many people gather to enjoy this special day with their family, friends, and loved ones by having dinner together and exchanging gifts. Children also wait for so long to receive gifts from their family, friends, and Santa Claus.

Doesn’t matter how you celebrate this special day but be sure that you end up this day with a lot of excitement, fun, and memories.

Place of Celebration: North and North-West India 

9. Omisoka: 31st December

Omisoka is the most important festival in Japan and is celebrated to welcome the upcoming New Year. They celebrate this day by exchanging presents, having dinner, and participating in ceremonies. 

Place of Celebration: Japan

10. New Year’s Eve: 31st December:

This is just like the Omisoka (mentioned in the above point), as both days are celebrated to bid goodbye to the year that is going to end and welcome the upcoming year. 

This day is celebrated by people worldwide, but their way of celebration is quite different from each other. 

Some people enjoy this day with their colleagues at the office by throwing a party and having delicious food together. While some people simply spend time together with their family members at home. Also, some people spend this beautiful evening with their friends in pubs, restaurants, and other social gatherings places.

Place of Celebration: Worldwide

Summing Up: Although the list does not end here, there are many other holidays too, but I mentioned only the specific ones above. 

Ultimately, I just want to say that these holidays remind us that we all are connected in some way surpassing the boundaries of different countries.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to make memories and plan to celebrate a happy holiday with your loved ones now. 

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