Culinary Recommendation Of Batam You Must Try

Batam City is one of the largest cities in the Riau Archipelago. There are various tourist destinations in Batam from city tours and natural attractions around them. Batam is often visited by domestic and foreign tourists. No wonder that numbers of hotels in Batam can be easily found.

Besides its beautiful panoramas, Batam also offers its cuisine which ranges from traditional to national taste. This dish is the best way to end your holiday in Batam. Its culinary tourism offers a variety of interesting dishes from light snacks to heavy meals that are delicious and make you addicted.

Here are the top dishes you should try in Batam!

  1. Bingka Bakar

Bingka Bakar is one of the snacks or snacks from the Malay kingdom which is a favorite snack for locals in Batam. Not only locals, but many tourists also come to try this one cake and make it one of Batman’s famous culinary choices. It is also easy to find.

You can buy this Bingka Bakar cake at various souvenir shops in various places in Batam City. This cake is made by baking and shaped like a flower. Although the texture looks hard from the outside, when you bite it, it feels very soft.

One of the main ingredients for making grilled frames is by using pandan leaves, so that it produces a distinctive fragrant aroma. With prices starting at only IDR 25 thousand, you can buy grilled Bingka with various flavors.

  1. Dragon Fruit Stick

From the name alone, this typical Batam food already sounds unique and makes you curious. In Batam City, there is one area named Rempang Galang, a place very famous as the largest dragon fruit producing area in Indonesia.

But the locals themselves have a unique way of consuming it. Not only peeled and then eaten just like that but can also be made into dry snacks in the form of long sticks. Even though it is processed in such a way, the freshness of the dragon fruit is still there. This snack is very suitable to be taken home as souvenirs for your family or close friends.

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  1. Gonggong Batam

Gong-gong is a term for sea creatures that exist not only in Batam City, but in many areas in the Riau Archipelago. However, this marine biota is often used as food by the locals. The gongs are shaped almost like sea snails and are divided into four types.

They are namely thick shell barks, thin shell barks, red algae, and chicken barks. The way of presentation is very simple, just by boiling it you can eat the meat which feels very chewy. Gonggong is a unique dish in Batam and you should try it.

  1. Tarempa Noodles

Noodles are undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the world. In Batam City, one of the most delicious noodles that can make you addicted is Mie Tarempa. From its appearance, at first glance it will look similar to Mie Aceh. Similar but not the same.

Cooked using special spices, resulting in a reddish gravy color, with a fairly thick noodle texture. Then, added with pieces of fish meat as a compliment that makes this Tarempa Noodle dish very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Mie Tarempa is perfect for those of you who like to walk around looking for Batam cuisine at night. You can try this noodle that surely won’t disappoint you.

Well, those are the 4 top dishes that you should try in Batam. Besides its beautiful attractions, this city has plenty of other choices to explore. Including the culinary. If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Batam, you’d better check out this amazing hotel in Aston Batam. It can be your best place to stay while in Batam.

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