Creed Romello Lowry’s Mother Changed His Last Name

There is nothing to hide from the media or the public about Kailyn Lowry & her life. Her mother Kailyn Lowry has made headlines several times before because of Romello Creed Lopez. As a result of Kaylin changing Creed’s last name, he has now changed Creed’s last name as well. This means that the actress and her ex Chris Lopez haven’t had a healthy relationship. 

Kailyn Lowry is a TV personality she did an MTV reality show Teen Mom 2, and she is doing Podcasts now about her family & reality. She has four kids Creed Romello Lopez, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, Isaac Elliot Rivera, and Lux Russell Lowry. 

And this article is about her 4th kid Creed Romello Lowry. Born on 30th 2020, Creed becomes a young celebrity & become famous on Instagram because of her mom. We all have seen the adorable Photos & videos of Creed Remello Lowry. She handles all the Instagram accounts of her kids and tags herself as an account run by mom “Kailyn”, you can easily find the IDs of them on Instagram.  

What Happened This Time?

This time he didn’t come to light because of his cuteness but for her mother Kailyn. She has declared that she gonna change her baby’s last name from Creed Romello Lopez to Creed Romello Lowry. The little boy is now Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez. This news has clearly shown that Kailyn & creed’s dad hasn’t been on good terms. You must have thought who is creed’s dad & Kailyn’s ex? The name of her ex is Chris Lopez who is a builder & also a podcaster. This duo break up last year because of the toxic environment of the relationship.

Kailyn Lowry talked about her relationship in one of her podcasts. She also has a podcast where she & one of her friends talk about mama & kids.

Why Did Kailyn Take This Big Decision?

Why Did Kailyn Take This Big Decision?

Kailyn lowry has taken a big decision amidst the turbulent relationship with her ex, as I said before the duo break up last year. Kailyn claims the absence of Chris(Creed’s dad) in the parenting phase that she has taken such a big decision to change Creed Romello Lowry’s name. She confirmed this news on Instagram & posted, “So, here I am again trying to give him the chance to step up and become a dad. However, I feel that by doing this, I am giving him another chance to not argue about the last name and to be there.”

As expected, fans reacted to the post as well. Lowry listed her surname alongside Creed’s in an Instagram post from January. An Instagram post containing a picture of Creed appeared in that post. The question of keeping the hyphen naturally came up among fans. That question, however, did not receive a response from the actress.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Creed Romello Lowry

Who Is Creed’s Dad?

Creed Romello Lowry’s father is Chris Lopez. He is a podcaster & a builder.

Why Did Kailyn Change Her Son’s Name?

Kailyn decided to change his name to Romello Lowry because of the absence of his father- Chris Lopez in the parenting phase of their life.

Did Creed Have An Instagram Id?

As of now, his mother Kailyn Lowery manages his Instagram account.

How Many Siblings Does Creed Has?

He has an older sister named Lux Russell Lowry, but he also has two step-brothers named Lincoln Marshall Marroquin and Isaac Elliot Rivera. They live together as a family.

What Kailyn Hates About Creed’s Dad?

An episode of the podcast featured the actress explaining her relationship with Chris in detail. Being an absent father is not something she likes. She confirmed the name after the duo broke up last year.

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