Cover Manager Raised €35 Million In Funding, Now It Is Valued At €150 Million

The cover manager is a Spain-based company that digitalizes reservation management for more than 100 Michelin restaurants and has recently raised €35 million in funding, now it is valued at €150 million.

The company was founded by Carlos Pérez Fernández and José Antonio Pérez Moral. The goal of this company is to change how restaurants create, sell and manage reservations. 

This platform helps users to elevate their experience, the solutions offered by them include queue management, booking management, and channel management. 

The Spain-based company is well-reputed for its operations and is known to provide a huge difference in the reservation management of many platforms. 

This platform has helped many restaurants receive Michelin stars. The Cover Manager is used by 6000 restaurants in almost 25 different countries. 

The platform manages restaurant reservations by making sure that tables are optimized according to customer’s needs and they have a knack for optimally managing booking confirmations and cancellations.

This funding raised by Cover Manger will help it to roll out new products, which will increase its annual revenue and will enable them to deliver food without any 3 party involvement.

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