Cost Of Liver Transplant In India

Liver Transplant has become a common the best treatment for patients suffering from end-stage liver disease. The liver is one of the most complex and the most significant organs in the human body. It is also the most common that is transplanted. WWhen the liver is injured or diseased, it cannot heal or repair itself. It sustains normal function and this can eventually lead to its failure and death. Transplantation has helped overcome the excessive waiting period for deceased donor organs. This has given immense relief to liver patients, both in India and abroad. 

What Is a Liver Transplants? 

A liver transplants is a surgical procedure where a healthy liver is implanted into a person who has a damaged or diseased liver. It can be performed for several reasons, including liver cancer, cirrhosis, congenital defects, or chronic hepatitis.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India 

Speaking of liver transplant cost India, it is comparatively low when compared to other countries. The approximate cost of a liver transplants in India is around INR 20 to 30 lakhs. This cost is inclusive of all the expenses incurred during the liver transplantation procedure. It may vary depending on many factors, including the health of the patient, complexity of the disease, type of surgery, availability of organs, type of health insurance coverage, medical facilities, etc. 

The advanced liver transplant technology in India is helping hundreds of patients with liver failure to live a healthy life with a new liver. Since the cost of liver transplants in India is among the lowest in the world, patients from more than 100 countries travel to the countryIndia to get an affordable liver transplant.

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Reasons to Undergo a Liver Transplant

The liver is an organ that performs a multitude of functions that are vital to your health. You can find it atLiver is situated to the right side of your abdomen, above your stomach. It’s important to know what can cause your liver to fail so that you can take steps within your reach to prevent any possible conditionscomplications. Here are the 6 common reasons for a liver transplant.

1. Cancerous tumor. 

2. Non-cancerous tumor that isn’t treatable with surgery.

3. Non-cancerous fatty liver.

4. Liver failure due to liver disease.

5. Severely damaged liver.

6. Pregnancy complications.

How Do Doctors Determine Whether You Need a Liver Transplant? 

Doctors determine whether you need a liver transplant after performing a variety of tests. First, they will check your medical history to determine if any genetic factors have been involved. They will also run blood tests to determine if your liver is functioning properly. 

They will then determine if a liver transplant is necessary or if a less invasive treatment can be doneperformed. A doctor will advise a transplant only if a person has a serious case of cirrhosis, which is a long-term build-up of scar tissue. He will also not advise a transplant if someone has a serious liver infection as it will be difficult for them to recover. 

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As discussed earlier, India is the most affordable and popular destination for liver transplantation. Many leading hospitals have highly experienced surgeons and advanced medical facilities to perform liver transplantation procedures. This transplant is performed by a team of highly qualified and experienced liver transplant surgeons and their nursing staff. 

The cost of a liver transplant in India is almost half the cost of a transplant in the United States. This reasonable cost along with the availability of highly qualified doctors and support staff make India a preferred destination for liver transplantation.

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