How to Become a Colombian Citizen

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on the planet and has one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. While 80 years ago the country was in political turmoil. Today it is offering unique jobs, education. And travel opportunities to foreigners. 

Thanks to its amazing culture and rising economy, Colombia. Is a nation in which many people are becoming more and more interested in obtaining dual citizenship. That’s because with Colombian citizenship they can travel visa-free to many countries in the world. And can take advantage of the many benefits of holding a second passport.

If you’re interested in learning more about Colombian citizenship requirements and. How you can gain citizenship in this incredible country, keep reading. Let’s walk through the various methods of obtaining Colombian citizenship and calling this country home!

Have Colombian Descent

Probably the fastest and easiest way to get Colombian citizenship is to have Colombian descent. If you have a parent who is Colombian, you are automatically entitled. To Colombian citizenship, even if you were born outside the country. 

If you were born outside Colombia and have a Colombian parent. You can gain citizenship by registering your birth with the local consulate. Doing so will issue you a Colombian birth certificate and entitle you to claim your second citizenship in Colombia. 

With your birth certificate in hand, you’ll also be able to register for a Colombian passport. Your new passport will grant you access to various locations around. The world that are typically off-limits to Westerners, including Russia.

Be Born in Colombia

Another way to obtain Colombian citizenship is through birth. Unlike some countries which automatically grant you citizenship. If you were born in the country, Colombia requires at least one parent to be either. A Colombian citizen or a Colombian resident in order for you to claim citizenship. 

If you currently live abroad but one of your parents still meets these requirements. And you were born in Colombia, you are still entitled to Colombian citizenship. Keep in mind, however, that if you were born in Colombia but your parents. Do not meet these criteria, you won’t be able to claim citizenship. 

Marry a Colombian

One of the many ways to become a Colombian citizen is by marrying someone who is already a Colombian citizen. To do so, you will need a few key documents:

  • A birth certificate
  • A copy of your passport
  • A certificate proving you are single in your home country
  • A copy of a death or birth certificate if you were previously married

After you apply for your marriage certificate, you’ll need to wait five days to get your marriage license. Once it arrives, you’re free to either have a religious wedding or have your wedding officiated at the courthouse!

Now that you have your proof of marriage, you’re eligible for a marriage visa. This means that you can legally live and work in Colombia.

For most visa types, you’ll need to wait 5 years before you can apply for Colombian citizenship. However, with a marriage visa, you can apply for citizenship after just two years of living in Colombia. 

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Maintain Long-Term Residency

One way that you can get Colombian citizenship is through long-term residency. With residency established, your only remaining requirements are to maintain. Your resident status for five years and to pass a basic Spanish language exam.

If you are from Spain you only need to maintain your resident status for two years. Or, if you are from another Latin American or Caribbean country. You only need to maintain your status for one year. You do not have to live in Colombia as long as you enter the country at least once a year.

Once these requirements have been met, you can apply for Colombian citizenship. Here are a few of the methods that you can use to gain residency in Colombia.

Residency Through Work

If you go to Colombia for a job, a volunteer position, as part of a religious group. Or for a specialized career, you can gain residency. These types of visas require a letter of sponsorship from your employer and six months of bank. Statements to prove that the company can support you.

Residency Through Medical Treatment

If you require extensive medical treatment that can only be obtained. In Colombia, you may qualify for residency through medical treatment. You will need to show proof of a serious medical condition and documentation. Of a treatment program in the country for your visa to be approved.

Residency Through Marriage & Children

If you have a Colombian spouse or child, you can apply for Colombian residency. Your spouse and/or child will be required to sign your application. And prove they have enough finances to support you once you arrive in the country. 

Residency Through Education

If you are pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree you can obtain residency in the country. You will be required to show proof of acceptance into the university as part of your application. 

Residency Through Investment

To obtain citizenship by investment in Colombia, you’ll need to invest US$170,000 in any type of property in the country. Once you have made your investment, you’ll be able. To apply for an investor’s visa and gain residence in the country. 

Interested in starting on the road to becoming a Colombian citizen using this method? Companies like Smart Citizenship can help you take your investor visa to. The next level and get hooked up with a second passport using this method. 

Become a Colombian Citizen

No matter what method you choose to become a Colombian citizen. Choosing to call this country yours is an honor and a privilege. Colombia is an up-and-coming nation that offers countless educational, environmental. And travel opportunities and gives you access to a unique culture. 

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