Cleaning Checklist Before Moving Into Your New Home

Answer this; have you finally decided to start a new life with your family in New Jersey? Living in the densest state in the U.S. has many benefits. For example, the environment is peaceful and quiet; the townspeople are friendly, and you can enjoy plenty of cultural diversity, diners, and much more.

There is no denying that moving out of an old house and to a new place can bring a flood of emotions. You will feel excited and joyous, anxious and stressed, too.

Ideally, you might think you are ready to move as soon as you have completed the documentation and got the keys. However, before you move to a new place, you must do a lot of work. Even if you are the first occupant of the new home, you still need to clean up a bit, especially if some construction work has been done recently. 

So without further ado, gather the necessary cleaning supplies to kickstart your cleaning project:

  1. Bathroom

Start with the most challenging part of your house – the bathroom. 

Before you start cleaning, check whether you have the right supplies. Not sure which cleaning products would be most suitable to clean your restroom? You can also look for cleaning products used to clean commercial sites, as that would make more sense, especially if it is a newly renovated bathroom. You can also take help from commercial cleaning services, go online and search “Commercial Cleaning Services Newark New Jersey.” You’ll find something that can make your job easier. 

The bathroom might be one of the first places you will use right after moving in. So make sure you clean it the best way to be ready for use. First, disinfect the toilet with the right cleaning product inside and out. However, if the toilet seat grosses you out, you might want to replace it with a new one. Next, clean the most commonly used areas such as the shower, sink, tub, taps, etc. Also, make sure to wipe the mirrors and cabinets. Lastly, don’t forget to mop the floor and let it dry.

  1. Kitchen

Undeniably, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so you must keep it tidy. Does your new kitchen have different appliances such as an oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.? Make sure to clean them before you start using them. If your appliances are movable, don’t forget to clean them from underneath and behind.

Next, clean the countertops with disinfectant wipes so they are free of germs. Then, make your kitchen floor look brand new and shiny by mopping the floor. Finally, when cleaning the cabinets in your kitchen, don’t forget to dust the top of the cabinet doors.

Finally, pour ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar down the drain to prevent your sink from clogging.

  1. Bedroom

Once you have cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, your next step is to clean the bedroom. After all, that is where you will rest after a hectic day. Make sure to deep clean the entire room before moving your furniture, like the bed, vanity table, etc., so dirt doesn’t fester. Next, wipe down the windows, light fixtures, door handles, and switches. 

If your bedroom has built-in shelves or cupboards, clean them well. Pay special attention to your closet as well. If there are any wallpaper or decoration items, gently wipe them to get rid of dust. Mix baking soda and water to create a natural cleaner to clean greasy cabinets.

  1. Windows 

Next up, windows! Clean them inside and out if you want to achieve the look of shiny, transparent windows. But remember that choosing the right day matters the most when cleaning the windows. Most people believe a sunny day would be best. However, that’s not true. Instead, try cleaning the windows on cloudy days because it takes more time before the foam starts to dry on cloudy days.

Furthermore, give a good scrub before wiping the windows with a paper towel or a damp cloth. Note that the window cleaning is incomplete if you are not cleaning the sills. 

  1. Walls

Like other parts of your home, the walls are no different; dust can appear quickly on them too. If left untreated, the accumulated dust can form large clumps. Therefore, if you wish to keep the walls in tip-top shape, clean the dust off your walls.

If you are on a budget and can’t repaint the walls, clean the painted walls. First, dust off any dust or cobwebs. Then, clean the walls using a dampened soft cloth. You can also try a vinegar and water mixture to wipe the walls. The best thing about this natural remedy is that vinegar is an environmentally safe cleaner that helps you eliminate dust, mold, and germs.

  1. Floor

Lastly, finish your deep cleaning project with the floors. Whatever floor type your house has, it’s essential to clean them thoroughly to stay free from germs. For marble flooring, sweep the debris by mopping the floor with an appropriate cleaning solution. However, if you have carpet flooring, a thorough vacuum is a must to get rid of allergens or pests. If possible, consider seeking help from a professional cleaner to steam clean the carpet. 

And if you have wooden floors, sweep them with the broom and polish them to give them a fresh look. Also, try not to saturate the wooden floor with water.

Final thoughts

No wonder you want to call your new place a home where you feel welcomed and can relax your mind and body. So what better way to make it your comfort zone than deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning your new house is an excellent way to sanitize your place. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom and left to right before you unpack your stuff. The reason is that since your place will be empty, it will be easier for you to clean. In addition, the cleaner your house is, the better your health will be.

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