A Guide on How to Clean and Lubricate Your AR-15 Rifle

AR-15 is perhaps the most famous and recognized gun type in the world. They are the go-to rifle for military and law enforcement agencies. However, it is also one of the most common rifle types in any gun enthusiast’s collection. Due to easy maintenance, excellent performance, and substantial customization options, the gun is liked universally. You can also build the weapon using a lowers receiver and customize it according to your liking. Buy 80 percent AR lower receivers to build your next firearm. Despite all its features, the gun will suffer from the performance issue of its not maintained properly. Following is a complete guide on maintaining, cleaning, and lubricating your AR-15 rifle.

Clear the Rifle

Before cleaning your rifle, it’s essential to clear it first. People suffer severe injuries yearly while cleaning their rifles because they didn’t clear them properly. Do the following before cleaning the gun;

  1. Clear the magazine
  2. Bolt should be in the rear position
  3. Check for any rounds in the chamber
  4. Let go of the bolt
  5. Put on the safety pin

Remove the Receivers

Once you clear the rifle, it’s time to remove the receivers. These are the components where the firing pin, trigger, and gun magazine are installed. Remove them carefully and place them in a clean and dust-free area. Remember to be careful with this part, as any damage or dust particles can prove challenging to clear. 

Remove the BCG

Bolt carrier group or BCG is the next thing you must remove from the rifle. They are mainly on the rifle’s upper receiver and require a bit of finesse to remove. Similarly, you must also disassemble the bolt before beginning to clean. You don’t need special tools to remove it; use your fingers to do the job. 

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Remove the Barrel

Once you complete all the above steps, it’s time to remove the barrel from the receiver. The barrel requires a lot of cleaning, so attempt to clean it at the end. Preferably, cover the barrel with a cloth to avoid dust or other impurities. 

Cleaning Process

To start the cleaning process, begin with BCG. Always wear gloves and use authorized cleaning agents for the job. The gloves will protect your fingers from chemicals, and authorized cleaning agents will not destroy the sensitive parts of the gun. Use a brush to reach all the corners of the BCG. Once done, leave it to dry and then spray a recommended lubricant. 

Once done with the BCG, clean the upper and lower receivers using the same technique. Remember, you must not be vigorous with the scrubbing; use gentle strokes to clean and clear the debris. Once you clean the receivers and BCG, it’s time to clean the barrel. Tie a piece of cloth at the end of a stick and clean the insides of the barrel. Give ample time to dry the barrel before assembling the gun back. 

Cleaning an AR-15 rifle is easy if you know what you are doing. Follow the above guide clean and lubricate your rifles for excellent performance and long life.

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