5 Things To Know Before Choosing a CBD Brand

Choosing the right CBD brand can be just as important as selecting the perfect product type when shopping for CBD.

People tend to put a lot of time and effort into comparing product types believing it to be a key factor in the quality and effectiveness of CBD products. While choosing the right product is important, so is selecting a brand that will be sure to deliver quality.

Before visiting a CBD oil shop, here are five things to know to ensure the best quality and products for optimal results.

#1 Not all hemp plants are the same

It is often assumed that all hemp plants are the same and deliver the same effects on the body. This is not the case; there are hundreds of different hemp plant strains, and each one contains a slightly different ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes.

While most people are unlikely to notice the difference between CBD products made using different hemp plant strains, there can be a very obvious difference for those who know what to look out for.

The best CBD brands, like Premium Jane, use single-source hemp to make their products. By sourcing all hemp plants from one location, farmer brands can better predict their products’ effects and ensure reliability.

Most brands feature a section on their online CBD oil store detailing where they source their hemp plants and their chosen plants’ benefits. Comparing different brands can help ensure the best possible results.

#2 Why it is important to check for lab testing

It is considered good practice for CBD brands to use third-party lab testing to verify quality and potency.

Lab tests should show a complete list of all compounds found within the final product and the quantity they occur. Lab testing is beneficial for brands because it ensures that each batch remains consistent regarding the cannabinoids it contains.

Lab tests also check for purity and ensure that there are no contaminants in the products being sold to customers.

It has become standard for CBD bands to make lab testing results accessible through their online CBD oil shop. This lets customers see exactly what they are purchasing and compare different products across various CBD oil stores and brands.

It is always best to opt for brands that make lab test results available to customers. When results are hidden or unavailable, it raises questions about product quality.

#3 Some brands run membership programs

Increasingly, CBD brands are running membership programs offering customers a range of discounts and incentives.

Being aware of the different available programs and benefits is a great way for customers to save a little extra money when shopping for CBD products.

Some programs offer discounts to customers to encourage them to place repeated orders. Other common features of membership programs include free shipping, regular product updates, and exclusive access to sales and discount codes.

Signing up for a brand’s newsletters is another way to stay up to date on all of the latest news and sales. Signing up is often free, making it easy and beneficial to pick a few popular brands and register before choosing which brand to shop with.

#4 Not every brand offers the same range of products

One of the reasons why so many people choose to use CBD as a dietary supplement is because there are many ways it can be incorporated into one’s diet.

CBD is different from other common dietary supplements in that there are a vast number of ways to use it. Among the many options, CBD can be taken as oil drops, capsules, gummies, herbal teas, and topicals.

With so many different ways to use CBD, people can easily tailor how they take CBD to suit their lifestyle and preferences. That said, not every CBD brand offers the same extensive range of products and ways to use CBD.

It is a good idea to compare at least a few different CBD oil shops and the range of products.

#5 Different brands use different extraction methods

Consumers often look over the fact that there are several different ways that CBD can be extracted from hemp plants. Moreover, the extraction method used affects the cannabinoid makeup of the final product and the effects that it delivers.

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How hemp plants are extracted and processed determines the range of cannabinoids in the final product. Full-spectrum CBD products, for example, retain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant. In contrast, CBD isolate products only contain one cannabinoid, CBD.

CBD brands will generally have a section on their website explaining how they process and extract their CBD. This information can be helpful when comparing different brands and which is likely best for a particular purpose.

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