Is Cell Phone Tracker Best For Monitoring On Android & iPhone?

Cell phone tracker apps have gained popularity over the years because they claim themselves as the best monitoring tools for Android and iOS devices. Cell phone trackers enable users to monitor GPS location, call logs, chat conversations, and social media logs.

Android and iOS devices are very secure phones, and seemingly it is impossible to breach the security of these devices. As for as the android operating system is concerned, it is an open-source OS, and there are possibilities that you can monitor and track cellphones without root. However, iPhones are running with iOS operating systems that are not open source, and you may find difficulties while tracking devices.

So, you need to get your hands on a tracker app that should be non-rooted, but you can use it on jailbreak iPhones. After exploring dozens of cell phone tracking apps, I am sure about the one that can make a difference, and you can monitor any android and jailbreak iPhone device to the fullest. You can use TheOneSpy cell phone tracker with closed eyes and get the job done, for sure.

What Is A Cell Phone Tracker App?

Cell phone tracking software can monitor your kids, employees, and loved ones at the time and place of your choosing unless you install it on your targeted devices. It can help out users in many ways, and you can obtain or sync android or iPhone information in your online control panel.

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TheOneSpy cellphone tracker is the best tool for android and iPhone. It is easy to install and provide you real –time tracking of location, calls, messages, surrounds, keystrokes, emails and many more.

 It has features that unveil everything on cellphones and keep sending information to your dashboard. You can track GPS location and WhatsApp logs of iPhones. Moreover, you can record calls and read text messages secretly. It provides device information, iMessages, and appointments on iPhone. However, you can track every activity that happened on android phones without root.

How Does Cell Phone Tracker Work On Android & Iphone?

Android tracking app works secretly on the target phone and remains hidden and undetectable. You need to get your hands on it, but you have to deal with the few steps to bring it to your disposal. You can use it to monitor and track android and iOS phones using the following steps.

Step1: Visit Theonespy On Your Cellphone Or Pc Browser For A Subscription

You need to visit the TOS webpage, and you need to see the solutions, and you will get multiple products. You can choose android and iPhone solutions. Moreover, go to the buy now page, and you can subscribe to android and iPhone tracking products.

Step2: Get physical access on Android or iPhone following subscription

You will receive the credentials via email, and you need to get physical access on android for the installation process. However, for iPhone, you need to jailbreak it first and then get the physical access and start the installation process. Moreover, activate the licenses you have got on your targeted device.

Step3: Activate the online control panel on your phone

You can activate the online control panel on your device back and forth for android and iPhone. You can also use the mobile viewer app to avoid back-to-back logins on your android and iPhone web portals.

Cell Phone Tracker For Android Top Rated Features

Here are the following features of a non-rooted cell phone tracking application. These features are best for parental control, and you can use them on your employees for business safety and productivity.

Call recording

End-users can use an online dashboard and activate the call recorder on an android phone. It enables users to listen to the live incoming and outgoing phone calls, and you can download the data of the recorded calls on the dashboard.

Read messages

You can spy on text messages of android phones secretly and remotely using the text messages tracker on your target device. Parents and employers can read messages on kid’s phones and protect them from stalkers and strangers.

Surround recording

Parents and employers can use surround recorder on cellphones and control the microphones remotely. Users can record and listen to the surround sounds, voices, and conversations of kids and employees.


Parents can watch kids when they are at school, hidden whereabouts with peers, and partying with friends using live 360 features. It empowers you to connect the android phone cameras front and back to the secure online control panel.

Browsing history tracker

Users can visit the web browsers of the cellphone using a browsing history tracker. You can further monitor the websites and bookmarked web pages.

GPS location tracking

It is one of the best features of cell phone tracker software that works on android phones without root to the fullest. It enables users to track the live location of the target device, location history, location tracking without GPS, and many more. You can watch the live location of the target cellphone on Google Maps and set Geo-Fence to mark safe and restricted places for kids. Parents will get alerts via email and act fast to make sure the safety of your kids.

Cellphone tracker has dozens of features that works secretly and remains hidden on the mobile and enables parents and employers to keep tabs of kids and employees to the fullest.

Iphone Tracking App Top Rated Features

Here are the following features of iPhone spy software for iPhone. Every feature works on a jailbreak iOS device and provides you instant results on the web control panel. It is best for parental control on kid’s phones and reasonable for tracking iPhones provided to employees.

  • WhatsApp
  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Appointments
  • Device info
  • Installed Apps
  • Contacts
  • Notes

These are the non-jailbreak Features of TheOneSpy cellphone tracker that you can use to monitor the iPhone running from 11.2 to 14.3.


Cell phone tracker is the popular monitoring solution of TheOneSpy that empowers you to track android and iPhone devices to the fullest.

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