Why Celebrating Black History Month is Important

Organizations observe black history month to appreciate sacrifices, contributions, and key roles of African-American people throughout the history of the U.S. Here we will discuss the importance of celebrating black history month in organizations.

Here are four reasons to celebrate black history month in an organization:

  • Celebrating diversity
  • Uniting everyone
  • Looking beyond the history books
  • Helping in understanding stories

Let’s discuss them in detail right below.

Celebrating Diversity

Every person has a unique set of skills that they can offer regardless of their skin color. In black history month, organizations celebrate this diversity to bring awareness to the workplace. 

This initiative promotes that everyone is equal and has unique concepts to contribute. When diversity is celebrated, organizations acknowledge that being diverse is a strength rather than a burden which used to be a general idea.

By celebrating black history month, organizations publicly recognize and honor the achievements of black men and women. How their work has shaped the modern workplace culture and what consequences we would face if they did not risk their lives are discussed when organizations observe this month.

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Uniting Everyone

Observing black history month helps everyone unite under a common goal. When organizations celebrate this month, they can easily educate their employees about the diverse backgrounds and cultures and what connects them all.

Whenever people find a connection between their heritage, they immediately feel connected and are curious to learn more about each other. This allows them to share their joy and sorrow while setting apart the differences.

When organizations celebrate the achievements of cultures and groups from different parts of the world, it helps focus on the shared history rather than the differences. Thus, despite having different opinions, people can gather together and experience the joy of each other’s success.

When diversity is celebrated, differences can bring everyone together rather than tearing apart. Black history month can be a perfect time to strengthen those bonds.

Looking Beyond the History Books

Most history books we read talk about the major players and their contributions. However, any development, rebellion, and progress were a collective struggle. By celebrating black history month, organizations can focus on the contributions of lesser-known figures.

Proper initiatives will allow employees of an organization to get educated and find relatable figures to idolize. Thus, the organizational culture improves significantly, and more people will be inspired to make a difference in their place.

For example, Thomas Alva Edison is credited for inventing the light bulb, and his achievements are celebrated throughout the world. However, Edison couldn’t perfect his invention without the help of Lewis Howard Latimer. 

Mr. Latimer engineered a longer-lasting filament to sustain Edison’s light bulb. However, he is often ignored and forgotten by the common folks.

When organizations focus on the contributions of lesser-known figures of different ethnicities and races, employees start to appreciate the thoughts and creativity behind important historical events. This helps organizations to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace more effectively.

Helping in Understanding Stories

Countless men, women, and children suffered through ages to build an accepting world. Black history month is dedicated to acknowledging their struggles, bravery, and contributions.

Some events and achievements are celebrated more than others. However, all the small stories have solidified the concrete achievements and are equally important. These smaller stories allow others to know how the world has changed and what they can do to be more accepting.

When organizations can make employees understand those stories, employees will be more open to embracing cultural differences and be more accepting of others. Thus a better organizational culture can be established.

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Bottom Line

Among several other initiatives, the black history month celebration is an important initiative to reform workplace cultures and make them more accepting, open, and safer. Organizations can take up several programs to celebrate this month with proper seriousness and care.

While crafting programs to celebrate black history month, organizations should focus on the 4 above-mentioned points to make it engaging and successful. If the initiatives are taken just to show off, it may cause severe harm to the organizational culture.

Also, organization leaders should practice inclusion and diversity initiatives throughout the year to accommodate employees from minorities and different ethnicities. Only then employees of an organization can retain the learnings of black history month.

If organization leaders are struggling to craft programs for black history month, they can integrate online recognition platforms in the workplace. These platforms gather necessary data and allow leaders to see what improvements are needed in the organizations. Some platforms can also help leaders to craft the programs as well.

Make sure to take advantage of black history month for the swift progress of the organizational culture.

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