Things To Consider While Buying Gym Mirror

The gym is crowded like never before these days. People are also more inclined towards home gyms so they can maintain their wellness while staying at home. So if you are also one of those who want to have their home gym then you might be considering different tools and equipment to complete your home gym. Gym mirrors are also one of the most essential tools to complete your home gym. It allows you to show your body posture while working out. It works as a coach and corrects your workout movements by seeing yourself in the mirror. So choosing the right gym mirror is very important. There are several things that you need to consider while buying your gym mirror. Following are a few tips to help you in this matter.

Mirror Clarity

A mirror that shows the clearest reflection is the most important factor for your gym mirror. Gym mirrors are normally more clear than regular household mirrors. This is because you can see a clear image of yourself while doing to the gym. While buying from a mirror company you can simply ask him if it is a simple household mirror or a specialized gym mirror with increased clarity.

Installation Options

Gym mirrors come with different installation procedures which include screws, j bars, mounting clamps or brackets, and adhesive installation. Each is explained as follows.

Screw Mounting

Gym mirrors with screw mounting are very popular. Mounting a mirror with screws is a very easy task. However, it may need holes in the mirror at the right location for the screws. If you have a good hand on DIY things then you can easily install it yourself with the help of a drill machine.

J Bar Mounting

J bar mounting is also simple and similar to the screw mounting process. However, it doesn’t require holes in the mirror because a J bar rod supports the mirror and holds t with the wall. It also requires a drill machine but it is easier than screw mounting.

Mounting Clamps

Some gym mirrors also come with mirror clamps which are preinstalled at the backside of the mirror. All you need is just to hang the mirror on the wall with the help of preinstalled clamps and hooks.

Adhesive Installation

If you don’t have a drilling machine or you are not good at DIY things then you can consider mounting your gym mirror with the help of adhesive. These adhesives are specially made for mirror mounting and simply stick the mirror to the wall tightly. Adhesive installation is very easy and requires minimum effort. However, before using the adhesive on the gym mirror please make sure that the mirror has safety backing. Otherwise, it can peel the reflection layer of the mirror which may result in spots or a completely damaged mirror.

Mirror Size

The size of a gym mirror is also a very important factor to be considered. If you are a professional gym owner then you may consider large gym mirrors which can cover a complete wall. However, if you need a mirror for your home gym then you might be looking for a compact size that can easily show your full body without taking a lot of space.

Suitable Thickness

Although most of the time gym mirrors come in 4mm or 6mm thickness however you can also consider a more thicker or thinner mirror than this. A thin mirror can save you some cost and a thick mirror can be more durable and stronger.


As you know that lead is one of the major causes of different severe diseases so you will never want it in your gym where people come to improve their health. Unfortunately, some companies still use lead in mirror manufacturing so it is very important to see that the mirror you are buying for your gym is lead-free. You should only consider a lead-free mirror for the gym.

Mirror Material

Usually, gym mirrors come in two different materials which are glass and second is acrylic plastic. Both of the materials have their own pros and cons. Gym mirrors made with glass are more durable and scratch resistant. They provide a better reflection image than acrylic mirrors. Glass-made mirrors also have better finishing as compared to acrylic mirrors. However on the other hand these are more costly than acrylic or plexi mirrors. Glass-made mirrors are also heavy and hard to carry from one place to another. The risk of breakage is associated with glass-made gym mirrors however acrylic mirrors don’t break as they are made of plastic.   

These were the few things that you must consider when buying a gym mirror. These factors will help you land on right purchase which will properly suit you according to your need. If you need a mirror for a home or professional gym then you can consider buying from Glass Mirror House Ltd. It is a London-based online glass and mirror shop where you can find all the essentials/

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